Fake call centres that defraud people all over the world are popular in India, but Mumbai police were able to raid one because of what the staff ate for breakfast. 

Repeated 4 AM Orders 

Located in a house along Rajodi Beach, the centre housed dozens of staff who were not allowed to leave the building to avoid interaction with strangers.

However, police received information that someone was ordering dozens of breakfasts from a nearby restaurant at 4:00 a.m.

Suhas Bavche, police officer stated, “The beach resort is full of tourists on weekends and almost deserted on other days. So the 50 to 60 tea and breakfast orders so early every morning for many days raised our suspicion and we started secretly monitoring the place.”

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Police Comes Into Action 

On the night of April 11, police raided the house, which had a floor with 60 workstations, and arrested the owner and 47 employees. They were charged with impersonation, cheating, and fraud in violation of the Information Technology Act. 

Authorities had also begun a forensic investigation into the computers. According to Bavche, the inquiry has so far uncovered that young employees were coached to answer calls from naïve bank customers in Australia.

Illegal Activities Busted 

Workers at the centre allegedly gathered sensitive personal information and security information from them, including one-time passwords, and sent the material on to management via email. 

The officer added, “This could be the tip of the iceberg. We are investigating international connections for the racket.” 

Notably, fake call centres have become common in India and police personnel bust illegal call centres on a regular basis. Most of these illegal centres indulge in ill activities which can be categorised under cyber crime. 

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