Two IIT Delhi students established ‘Animall,’ an online platform for buying and selling cattle, resulting in a significant revenue gain. According to Startup Pedia, the platform’s revenue for FY22 (financial year) was anticipated to be Rs. 7.4 crores, but it has now risen to an incredible Rs. 565 crores. 

About The Startup 

Animall, which launched in 2019, is an online marketplace for trading and listing livestock. It is situated in Bengaluru and facilitates online transactions for the buying and selling of cattle and buffalo.  

Animall was founded by Anurag Bisoy, Kirti Jangra, Libin V Babu, and Neetu Y with the goal of improving the lives of dairy farmers and making cattle trading and dairy farming more profitable.

Success Story

Neetu Yadav and Kirti Jangra, who shared a room at IIT-Delhi, decided to pursue their goals. Yadav hired Jangra and two Pratilipi co-workers in November 2019 to develop Animall, an online cattle market. The group started out in a small rented room in Bangalore. 

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After experiencing problems in the beginning, as with any other company, they began to get an increasing number of orders from customers interested in purchasing buffaloes. 

This online platform also provides animal care services. In FY22, cattle accounted for 90% of the company’s revenue. Medical expenses, assisted reproduction, and sales commissions accounted for the remaining 10%. 

Rise In Profits 

According to the financial statements submitted with the Registrars of Company, the startup’s operating size increased from FY21 to FY22. In particular, the operating scale has increased by 148-fold, going from Rs. 5 lakh in FY21 to Rs. 7.4 crore in FY22.

During FY22, the company additionally generated a finance income of Rs. 3.94 crore, bringing its total collection to Rs. 11.34 crore. However, the startup spent Rs. 18.04 crore on selling and distribution during FY22, accounting for 32.5% of its total expenditure. 

In conclusion, what started in an IIT-Delhi hostel room, today has changed the lives of the founders and those connected to them.

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