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Reasons why we still love ‘Rajshree’ Movies




Family is an integral essence of our country’s social system. Family is the focal point around which we all revolve. Bollywood has also felt  it and time and again they have tried to capitalise it too. The one who has done it the best way is Rajshree Productions. A production house as old as our independence has been behind various multi starters. Their box office collections are commendable but the movies are simple loved by the audiences. There are undoubtedly various reasons for that.

  • They have let us enjoy a virtual family space that the real life nuclear families are just devoid of. The entire family sitting together, enjoying family trips together and all those doses of pouring love. Do we see that in real life? They have made us believe, somewhere, that the world is always a better place to live if you can all be united.
  • The movies retain the sanctity of Indian culture. The bonding of all the relations is depicted so beautifully that at one stage we start fantasizing of ourselves in the same place. An always loving saas, a husband who is always caring, all loving brothers and sisters, what else can you demand. The characters just make us all fall in love with them.
  • Marriages are larger than life event. A marriage involves a whole big process and with the whole family involved you just cannot imagine how big it can be. A movie like’ Vivaah’ somewhere, made youngsters realise that arranged marriages could be beautiful too. ‘Ek vivaah aisa bhi’ speaks of a complete journey of two people waiting for so many years just to get married to the one they loved
  • You can go to watch their movies without thinking of going with the family or not. There does not exist any kind of vulgarity or any kind of obscene stuff, which a typical middle class Indian family may find objectionable. In simple words, they are complete family entertainers.

Whatever the generation may be their movies are immortal. One can watch them hundreds of times without getting bored. They are simply awesome.


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