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Rapes and Bollywood…


The gang-rape of a photojournalist in Mumbai recently led to several questions being asked, most important being- Is Mumbai a safer city than Delhi for Women? I might be wrong here but I somehow felt that the power corridors of Delhi breathed a sigh of relief with the limelight being shifted to Mumbai, if only for a brief instance. I’m not here to talk about the details of the case, you may find sufficient details pertaining to that on Google.
I’m just trying to analyze the blame game that comes into play every time such a case comes to light, and the ridiculous excuses given to justify the heinous act. And more often than not, the Film Industry takes a beating, with the kind of movies being made blamed for sexually arousing the psychopaths and encouraging them to commit such acts! From the actor Ranjeet who has played a rapist in a substantial number of films to various item numbers, from the ever-so- famous lines like ‘Hasi to fasi’ and ‘Ladki ke na mein bhi haan hai’ to the macho image of the villains and rapists in the movies, all of these have gracefully accepted their share of blame.

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I’m not saying that it is not a factor but it is definitely NOT the sole cause. I can take politicians promoting this theory because at the end of the day they need something, anything to take the heat off their back, but I’m not okay with the general public subscribing to this belief. It’s not that sensuous films were not made back in 70s or 80s, it’s not that girls didn’t wear skimpy clothes back suddenly what changed? By blaming the industry whom are we kidding? I agree that filmmakers have a moral responsibility but can anyone give me the guarantee that if women are fully clad in movies and there are no item songs or rape scenes in the movies, the crimes against women will cease to exist?
I can bet half the people cribbing about these things are the very first ones to catch the first- day first-show of the Agneepaths and the Dabangs only for the Chikni Chamelis and the Munnis! Why can’t we as a nation accept the expression of sexuality as a normal thing and be okay with that? Why do we have to make such a big deal out of it? Why can’t we be a mature audience and take FICTION in its right spirit?


When would we come to terms with the fact that rapes are not commmitted because of tight fitting clothes or influential item numbers? We all know deep down that the current situation is a reflection of the degrading morality in the society and that’s it. There’s no excuse for that. Rapes take place because of RAPISTS, because of people who are mentally sick and sexually frustrated and can find no better means to establish their ‘superiority’ over the ‘weaker’ sex! Rapes take place because those animals believe that they can do it and get away with it. Rapes take place because the law machinery is too slow to act. Rapes take place because the Indian Police is too busy trying to cover up the matters. Rapes take place because the governments are too busy blaming the opposition for blowing the matter out of proportion. And Rapes take place because WE as a society have become apathetic and have got used to the entire process of waking up, expressing shock over such an incident and then going about our daily chores as we are not the ones being directly affected by it.
P.S : For those who still blame the film industry, you are free to subscribe to the views of the various politicians of our country and blame Chow as well!

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