Decoding the mantra of success in the entrepreneurial world now eyes the Bollywood dream

To become “Jack of all Trades” in any field requires special talent and skills. We hardly come across individuals who would suffice and meet that requirement yet excel in their fields and deliver results. Meet one avid multi-tasker who is a millennial serial entrepreneur scaling new heights of success in many different fields yet excelling as an astute professional mastering the art of each domain. Ram Goel is an extremely driven and passionate multipreneur who has created a special niche for himself in the entrepreneurial world by showcasing his multiple talents and constantly raising the bar for deliverables. He is a businessman honing his professional skills and expertise in different sectors like food and beverages, clothing, industrial supplies and now making a scintillating entry into video making.

Being inclined towards the business world since childhood, Ram always had a dream of being his own boss and have the freedom to work as per his schedule and will. Being extremely creative and innovative with his strategies and imperatives, Ram has built three successful ventures under his belt. He owns a restaurant by the name ‘Wise Choice’ which is situated in one of the prime locations and drawing many customers through their service and professionalism. He also owns a hosiery shop that provides multiple choices for all of his clients and establishing himself in the cloth brand. Lastly, he has an aluminum factory that he especially looks into and leads from the front to help his team deliver desired results. Ram opines that “It is important to have a backup in business, if one doesn’t click; the other can help cover the difference and can act as a buffer”.

Establishing himself in all the three variant sectors, Ram Goel is now eying his Bollywood dream for which he is working day and night to develop and master multiple skills. The art of video making was something that always enthralled him. Ram has now deep-dived into detailed aspects of video making and wants to leverage his skill sets, experience, and relationships that he has developed over the years. Citing his creative side, Ram feels that he can use his innovative and unique style in video making and try his luck in Bollywood as well. With tremendous opportunities within the Bollywood industry, Ram is very positive about flourishing as a true-blue professional and tasting success.

We hope he accomplishes all his wishes. Do follow him on Instagram @goel4242. 



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