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RaGa’s Endless Raag – Of democracy, women, RTI and blah blah blah



By Nikita Rana

So Rahul Gandhi Vs Arnab Goswami again proved the long established fact- Rahul Gandhi is that one off-the-cuff kid in class who gives single answer to every question asked by the teacher with slight modifications.


1After Watching his interviews I feel Gutthi is back with a twist-Women empowerment, empowerment democracy, democracy system, system change, change youth, youth RTI, RTI women :P

It seems RG is now not contesting against Narendra Modi, rather Kapil Sharma. Probably that is why he is not chosen as prime ministerial candidate by congress. Rahul Gandhi should leave politics and start Comedy Nights with Rahul.

Now Google also knows that Rahul Gandhi is an idiot/dumb. Google “Rahul Gandhi is” and Google auto-correct will guide you…..

C for Congress..C for Confusion….Past few years has not been a joyful ride for congress and now there is Confusion over PM candidate. While rumours were indicating Rahul Gandhi who is famous for his laughter-provoking speeches filled with immense confusion. If Rahul Gandhi was to become Prime Minister India would be having a PM who at least speaks! Who cares if it makes you go ROFL??


While congress has bombarded media with superabundance of advertisements to draw public attention and do whatever the little is left as Lok Sabha polls approaches, the efforts made by congress are inversely proportional to RaGa’s speeches which nullify the efforts undertaken by Congressmen to counter-attack Modi. Understanding his speech is nothing but rocket science. Decoding of his speeches is a herculean task. Whenever he gives a speech he gives more reasons to the public on the receiving end to vote for BJP or AAP.

But still, you need to have brains even to sound humorous-need I say more?

Here are some of the wise statements made by Vice President of Congress

  • We will stop 99 per cent of the attacks. But one per cent of attacks might get through and that is what I am saying.
  • 10 out of 7 youths in Punjab are hooked on to drugs.
  • India is the Saudi Arabia of 21st century.
  • Politics is in your shirt, in your pant.
  • China is referred to as the ‘dragon’ and India as an ‘elephant’. But we are not an elephant; we are a ‘beehive’.
  • Poverty is just a state of mind. It does not mean the scarcity of food, money or material things. If one possesses self-confidence, then one can overcome poverty.
  • In India, we have a concept of caste. If one belongs to a backward caste and wants to attain success then one need an escape velocity to attain that success. Dalits in this country need the escape velocity of Jupiter to attain success.
  • My grandmother was killed. My father was assassinated and perhaps I may also be killed one day.




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