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By Ayesha Kumar

Eye-liner? Check. Lip balm? Check. Perfect hair? Check. A last look in the mirror and off I went to start an altogether new phase of my life. For all of us, college life marks the beginning of a fresh, independent way of life where every day we discover ourselves and experience new things. And then there is the much hyped ‘first day of college’.

Unlike everything I heard about the first day of college being amazing and it being a day you will remember for the rest of your life, it was the exact opposite for me. In fact, all I remember is that I was in a classroom full of unknown faces, all looking equally confused and helpless. No one to look out for and no familiar faces, talking to new people, thinking what was your first impression is all an experience in itself. The word ‘awkward’ pretty much summarizes how most of us would describe our first day in college. The real fun actually begins when you get to know your classmates, seniors as well as your teachers and none of this can happen in just one day. Of course everyone does remember their first day at college; if not entirely then some flashbacks or memories- it is something you cannot forget. But the fun of college life lies in those three precious years where you will spend your lives with people or rather strangers who you once thought could never be your friends. So don’t think too much about how your first day at college will be; you might just get disappointed. Rather, think about how you will make those three years of your life so amazing that you’ll laugh when you think again about how awkward first day of college was.



One reason why first day and first year of college is so confusing is that we probably have too many expectations and after watching all those movies and sitcoms, we have a perception that college life will be just bindaas. Here’s a reality check:


Expectation: The first day of class will be all about syllabus, notes and introductions. What can possibly go wrong?

Reality: Where is the class and why is the campus so huge? Whom should I ask for help? Oh My God. I don’t want to be late on my first day of college.


Expectation: You think life is about to get awesome with at least one party or a night out every week with your friends. You think you will go clubbing every weekend. Life is good.

Reality: Time to face the truth. You will probably spend more time sitting on your bed surrounded by books or food, or both, completing assignments and studying for tests.


Expectation: You got into college in the first place because of good grades. You will continue to get good grades- how hard can studying be after all? You have done it before and will do it again.

Reality: Studies in college are very different from that in school. You need to write your assignments after detailed analysis and research. And even after putting so much effort, don’t be surprised when you get an average grade. It happens sometimes!


Expectation: Finally a place where I can start with a clean slate and be whoever I want to be. No one from before knows me here. Making friends will be the easiest part of college.

Reality: Say hello to a huge class of people you don’t know. You will make close friends eventually but the first few weeks of college can be exhausting. Most of your conversations will be about where are you from, which course you are doing etc. But don’t lose hope; college is the place where you will find friends for a life time.


Expectation: Your school teachers loved you. After all you were so sincere. You think your professors will adore you as well. Nothing can go wrong when it comes to your teachers.

Reality: Do not expect any student-teacher relationships. Your professors will just come, give their lectures and leave. That is it. Most of the times you don’t have a name but are called out by your roll number. Things just don’t work the way they used to in school.


Expectation: You think you have studied enough in school and now that you have made it to a good college, you deserve a chance at having fun. You just have to date someone. Anyone.

Reality: Everything you know is just a lie. TV and movies totally tricked you. No one is romantic and mushy. You might as well have dated someone in school rather than concentrating so much on academics. But hey, who knew?

And on that note, I hope I helped! And like you can see, always expect the unexpected! Kudos!



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