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QuiverX is Partnering up with PAID Network to bring safety and security to the QuiverX Ecosystem


Los Angeles, CA, November 21, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE,  QuiverX and PAID Network will be partnering to bring safety and security to the QuiverX Ecosystem to insure you #GetPAID.

PAID is a decentralized protocol offering users easy-to-use web and mobile DApps, enabling them to do business with anyone anywhere, without the need for expensive legal services.

Using PAID Networks proprietary SMART Agreements which are uniquely customizable, users can quickly fill in the terms of most business arrangements and easily negotiate agreements to create legally binding contracts amongst each other.

With the QuiverX — xChange to be released in the next couple of months. Our peer-to-peer platform will offer an opportunity to buy, sell, and auction liquidity creating a dynamic way to enter and exit liquidity on demand adding value and flexibility to the liquidity market.

This marries well with PAID Network’s agreement customization and fully takes advantage of PAID’s Reputation Scoring System which will offer confidence to buyers and sellers by establishing an accurate way to verify the legitimacy of platform participants.

Further with the full launch of the QuiverX crowdfunding platform which aims digitally monetize Small and Medium Enterprises business to help them raise capital across all digital asset classes, PAID Network is exceptionally designed to promote the use of QuiverX services and the influx of traffic to our site will create a mutually beneficial cycle of growth for both projects.

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