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DJ Preme Talks About the Importance of Mentors


DJ Preme has spent years in the music industry making a name for himself, but he is more than willing to share some of the knowledge he has gained with others. He encourages those who want to become DJs to never give up, become persistent, and remain resilient. Preme started out as what he refers to as a “stop/play” DJ. All he did when starting out was press play on a few songs and control volume settings, but he did nothing in the beginning to analyze crowds or provide playlists based on their response. Over time DJ Preme was able to refine his technique, and he encourages others to do the same. He got better at being a DJ simply from watching those who inspired him and learning.

Preme also suggests the importance of one investing in one’s self in order to become successful. You must have the right equipment and tools to be considered a decent DJ. DJing can be a hobby for some, but it is really an art form. It is important to get the best equipment you can afford, but get whatever you can in order to build your craft from the ground up. You can always get better, so simply continue to grow.

Finally, Preme explains that it is good to have multiple influential figures to look to who can inspire you to put your best efforts into whatever it is that you do. In terms of music, Sean “Diddy” Combs has been DJ Preme’s biggest mentor. Preme and Diddy established a powerful bond years ago, and Preme asserts that he could not have had a better person in his corner to give him pointers on anything industry-related considering how iconic Diddy is. Preme mentions that another influential mentor figure for him would be DJ Drama. Preme first met Drama at Club Liv in Miami, and the two immediately formed a positive relationship. Even prior to meeting DJ Drama, Preme acknowledges that Drama was someone whose techniques he studied. Preme learned plenty from the days when Drama used to do mixtapes with DJ Clue and many others. DJ Preme even intends to release his own mixtape which will provide ten spots to unsigned artists who wish to showcase their talent. 

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