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Punjabi Weddings! Actually Big and Fat !!!




Wedding has always been an important affair in our country but the states, which are just famous for their culturally rich weddings, are Punjab and Rajasthan. They don’t just spend too much but make it really fat and big. The Punjabis have always been a synonym for  fun, frolic, and vivaciousness. They know how  to celebrate and what else can be more exciting for them than a big celebration called wedding. Here are a few things that are peculiar to a Punjabi wedding.

  • Some hot chicks: Punjabi girls are, undoubtedly, very beautiful and if it is a wedding, you get to see them in the best attires. If you are a bachelor looking for a bride, you are at a right place. You have a lot of choice and the best part is you get to enjoy a bit flirting because the entire family is so occupied. Take chances but beware, ‘a punjabi kudi’ can hit you hard too. :P
  • Food, simply perfect: The food is simply divine. You cannot even imagine how important the food is for a Punjabi. They could compromise on anything, else food. You get to see a lot of variety that you won’t be able to taste all of them. They have all the traditional foods but now days, they do keep numerous varieties of international cuisines too.
  • All those aunties, phew! : If you want to get married soon, pick up a Punjabi aunty to help you. You may have not been able to set yourself a  date for last 21 years but she has the ability to do that in a few hours. All she will want is  to greet her with ‘pairi pona’ and just keep on flattering her.
  • A shagun vaali dadi:  The only job an old dadi or nani would do is sit on a side with a bunch of bade-bade bags, which carries all the shaguns and stuff. She cannot dance, she cannot move a lot, but she is simply perfect for this duty. And the amusing part is she will keep a check of who has given the shagun and who is just eating ‘free ka khana’.
  • Got to show your dance moves: If wedding is not complete without food, it doesn’t even start without nach-gaana. All the crazy songs and even crazier dances are total mazaa to witness. When dj is on with the songs like london thumakda, gori naalon ishq mitha , jihne mera dil luteya, you cannot resist yourself. The other traditional songs of suhaag, boliyan and vidaai will just turn you into a total Punjabi. You may feel drained out with all those dances but you would not stop for sure.


If you ever get a chance, do attend a wedding of such kind you will have one of the best time of your life, I can assure. You will eat a lot, laugh a lot, dance a lot, and you will end up making a real nice bond with the ones around.



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