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7 Stages of taking money from elder relatives


7 Stages of taking money from elder relatives

Original Author- Team Orange

In Indian culture, many a times, elder relatives give their nieces / nephews / younger relatives money as a blessing. Which, honestly, is quite cool. But it’s the whole process of give and take which isn’t so easy always. Receivers are supposed to say no, act like they don’t want it while the elders insist. Everyone knows the money is eventually going to be accepted, but it’s never a simple give and take. The whole process can be divided into the following 7 stages:

Stage 1: Recognizing the moment and instantly getting awkward and looking away. You know they’ve reached out their hand in their pocket to take money out for you, but you still have to act cool. Like you don’t know what’s coming


Stage 2: Acting pleasantly surprised when the money is offered. “Whaaaat? Money? For me?”


Stage 3: Now is when the nos start. You start by saying no softly and nicely. In simple words, unconvincingly.


Stage 4: Now you step up your no game. You need to be convincing that you don’t want the money.



Stage 5: Accept defeat. With a huge sigh and hesitance. Like you really didn’t want it this way.


Stage 6: Quickly look away from the money as soon as you accept it. Put it away, in a pocket, do whatever, just do not look desperate.


Stage 7: Say the bye-byes and head out of the sight of the relative as soon as possible. Finally you can take a look at the new money in your pocket. La-la!

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Author- Team Orange


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