After successfully hosting the first PUBG Mobile Campus Championship in India last October, Tencent Games is now bringing The PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 for all PUBG lovers across the country.

Chinese smartphone brand Oppo has announced that it would be sponsoring the event with a prize pool of Rs. 1 crore, including cash and Oppo smartphones.

Now, imagine playing a game you literally play every day and added to that is the first prize of Rs. 30,00,000 for the winning squad, while the second and the third teams take home Rs. 10,00,000 and Rs. 5,00,000 respectively.

Even if I did not play PUBG, with that prize money I might give it a shot

The registration process

While the last tournament was limited to college and university students, this tournament is open to all, unless your PUBG Mobile account is below level 20.

Registrations for the tournament are currently underway and are open till January 23rd, with no registration fee and no limit on the number of teams participating.

If you and your squad (of at least four players) are interested in participating in the tournament head over to this link to register yourself.

The Tournament

Once you have registered, you can either join a squad by entering the Squad ID or create a squad of your own and invite your friends to join in.

All the squads will be competing across four phases. Also, the games will be held in the Asia server region in the third-person mode as well as the first-person mode.

The in-game qualifiers will be held between January 21 and January 28 where the players will play 15 classic rounds with their squad in Erangel. Out of the 15 rounds, 10 best rounds will be considered for the players to qualify for further rounds based on factors like kill count, accuracy, team play, survival time, etc.

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Next, the online playoffs will start on February 10 and continue till February 24. The online playoffs itself would be held over three rounds.

The first round of online playoffs will be held between February 10 and February 15. In this, the top 2000 squads will be divided into 100 groups of 20 squads each, from which the top 4 squads from every group will qualify for the second round.

Following this, the second playoffs will be held between February 16 and 19 where the top 400 squads will again be divided into 20 slots of 20 squads each and again the top four squads from each group will be moving to the third round.

The last round scheduled between February 21 to 24 will feature 80 squads divided into four groups of 20 squads, after which the top 5 squads from each head straight to the grand finale.

From there, at the grand finale, the top 20 teams fight it out for the prizes as well as the beloved chicken dinner.

The winners of the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018

Hold on, there are other awards as well

In addition to the top three teams, all the teams in the top 10 will be awarded cash prizes. The tournament in addition to the cash prizes will also have a set of awards for different achievements with each category being awarded Rs 50,000. These include:

  • MVP Award – Awarded to the player with the maximum number of ‘Most valuable titles’
  • The Exterminators – Awarded to the team with maximum kills
  • The Healers – Awarded to the team with the highest number of revives
  • The Redeemer – Awarded to the player with the highest number of health restored
  • The Lone Ranger – Awarded to the player with the maximum survival game time
  • The Rampage Freak – Awarded to the player for the maximum number of kills in one game.

Surely you’ll be taking part in this tournament? Let us know in the comments if you want to win Rs. 30 lakhs and of course a Chicken Dinner.

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Sources: India Today, Times Now, HT

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