As October-the Breast Cancer Awareness Month has come to a pause, statistics declare male sex consists 0.5-1 % of breast cancer cases annually in the Indian populace.

Recent studies have shown a decrease in the age group of breast cancer patients from above 60 years to 50-60 range in India. The necessity of early detection of symptoms is paramount for diagnosis. We provide you with a comprehensive guide here.

The collaboration project between the sex education cast and Stella McCartney recently demystified the myths regarding breast cancer and its non-limitation to the female sex only. The three T rules should be followed- Teeth and Toilet (proper hygienic care) along with a self-examination of both Tits and armpits.

Risk Of Breast Cancer

In many cases, environmental factors are detrimental while others have been either genetic or unidentified. Here are some of the high-risk factors,

Klinefelter Syndrome: Presence of extra X chromosome in male sex which causes a rise in estrogen levels.

Genetics: The risk of breast cancer is higher if any nearby genetic familial relation had it.

Lifestyle: Excessive tobacco and alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyles, obesity and intake of drugs high in estrogen levels.

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Self-examination by the circular and up-down motion of fingers around the breast tissue- breast wall, nipple, areola and armpits are needed to detect:

  •       Lumps beneath the skin and above
  •       Inverted nipple, nipple discharge and redness
  •       Skin scaling, contraction of muscle tissue and dimpling
  •       Change in texture and colour of breasts

It is important to visit the doctor at the earliest for screening upon the visibility of any symptoms during self-examination.

The sub-parts of the breast tissue.

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Diagnosis And Cost

The cost of treatment depends on the stage of cancer and the medical conditions of the patient. Contrary to other countries of the west, the health insurance rate of India is very diminutive. For substantial benefits, in the long run, it is advised to opt for a feasible package.

Types of treatment are-

Surgery: Mastectomy- the extraction of either whole or some part of breast tissue. In India, one mastectomy costs around Rs. 70,000- 20 Lakhs. Lumpectomy, Auxiliary Lymph Node Dissection, Cosmetic Dentistry Surgery and Sentinel Node Biopsy are other surgeries based on lymphatic invasion, glands, nodes and other variables

Radiotherapy: Conducted for prevention of breast cancer cells and prolongs over 3-6 months. It ranges from around Rs. 30,000-20 Lakhs based on preferential treatment.

Chemotherapy: Detrimental in the prevention of growth of tumours and breast cancer cells. The cost range varies from Rs. 50,000- 20 Lakhs.

Hormonal-Therapy: Hormone dysfunctionality caused by progesterone and estrogen further spreads the breast cancer cells, the therapy prevents the growth and provides relief to patients. It costs approximately around Rs. 50,000-60,000 per month. 

Solidarity, awareness and exchange amongst all sexual identities are required to defeat breast cancer.

Breast Cancer study of men has been diminutive compared to women’s due to the rareness of the disease. There should be more promotion for awareness of breast cancer amongst the Indian landscape.

Frequent multi-disciplinarian study and periodic assessment are necessary to understand the different symptoms and preventative methods for men. There is a lot of stigma and stereotype around men having breast cancer compared to women, while many avoid treatment due to utter negligence.

Do monthly self-examination and take recommendations from doctors at the earliest detection of symptoms. There is always a possibility of not having cancer but simple skin alterations like boils or pimples. Rather than taking direct answers from Google, take advice from your doctor.

Image Credits: National Cancer Institute

Source: NCBI, Indian Express and MedsurgeIndia

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