A true artist is distinguished from the common rest by his intensity of passion, laden with consistency of efforts.She  never gets tired or bored, complaining about the hurdles amidst the goal is actually the one who is proficient to be added as an idol for the general public, winner of the match called life.

Pranali Mhaisne, born 29-3-1983 in Akola, Maharashtra, brought up in Nashik and Nagpur, is one of the leading female personality to inspire lives with the help of her life. 

Pranali Mhaisne has secured a strong academic record accompanied with degrees like M.A, B.Ed., and Ecced. She is the Headmistress at Podar Jumbo Kids (Podar International School), Pune.

Pranali Mhaisne unlike any other activist, was an all-rounder from the start, with gushing consistency in her efforts to help her stand where she stands today. 

Pranali Mhaisne  has a fabulous record of achievement in sports like playing volley ball state level and interschool, inter club as both smasher and lifter, where she proclaimed the victory with silver and bronze medals. Besides sports Pranali Mhaisne was actively involved in Modelling winning titles like Miss Nagpur 2002, Miss Vidharbha 2003, Miss Maharashtra 2004, Fem Mrs. India 1st runner up 2016, Mrs. Bharat Icon 2018, Enchanting Smile Subtitle winner. Also awarded by “Woman of Substance”, “Icon of Pune”,  “Global Dignitary award.”

Assessing such commendable achievements with the uplifted confidence and character, Pranali Mhaisne has been a proof to all that diversity indeed makes the appearance more attractive. Pranali Mhaisne always had the goal of becoming a School Principal, with side subtitles to continue modelling and become the lime light of the industry grabbing the title of Mrs. Universe. 

Pranali Mhaisne, as an active personality, cherishes her hobbies like dancing, travelling, playing guitar, playing with her pet dogs, listening music, long drives with romantic music.Also wish to do Dog farming in future where she wants to keep all types of Dog. As she is dog lover from childhood. 

Pranali Mhaisne, being 38 years old, the youth is still young and innovative within. Pranali Mhaisne trying every precept of life is now set to make an on screen appearance. She has signed 2-3 Bollywood up coming with on screen project which is under production, after whose release we’ll be able to witness this charming sophisticated personnel by sight. We wish her all the love and respect for her future endeavors.

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