New Delhi (India), February 15: Founded in 2019 with the aim to provide holistic development of children, Gurgaon’s Pragyanam school is leading the formal school education. Raising mindful, conscientious individuals who root for competence over competitiveness is at the heart of the core belief of Pragyanam, which is visible in the achievements they have made so far. Under the guidance of teachers at the esteemed school, the students of Pragyanam participated in several inter-school competitions and brought home many awards & accolades in various prestigious sporting events.

Some of the noteworthy achievements of the students include earning 14 medals, 5 of them gold, in the 33rd Delhi state championship, which saw the participation of 314 schools & 95 academies. Next would be winning as many as 16 medals in the sub-junior 17th Taekwondo championship. As many as 14 children were selected to participate in the Taekwondo National Competition. They are winning the first position in the Gurgaon Youth League and obtained a silver medal in the Diwali Fest Tournament. Lastly, they won a silver medal in the Football league tournament.

The accomplishments and awards won by the children across different sporting events are a testament to the culture and beliefs of the school – to ensure the holistic development of children. Co-curricular activities, as the school believes, go a long way in giving wings to a child’s interests and talents as well as in broadening horizons for life ahead. Setting sports as a culture also helps in fuelling the overall learning of children.

Through the strong beliefs of the school, Pragyanam has set a great example that active participation in physical activities that matches a child’s interest helps in improving brain function, which further has a direct and positive impact on their academic studies. Not just that, it has overruled the general notion that students lose focus if they engage in co-curricular activities. Apart from sporting events, their students have also attained success in the Olympiad organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation.

The accomplishments and accolades don’t stop here. The students at Pragyanam have continued their winning streak by obtaining 7 Gold medals of excellence in core subjects like Science, English, and Maths. Furthermore, 8 children from the school also went ahead in securing a zonal rank in less than 100, and as many as 20 other students secured an international rank in less than 500 categories.

The Head of the school, Amita Bhardwaj, said, “Pragyanam which means wisdom or understanding in Sanskrit, has been founded on the core belief that the objective of learning in the 21st century is to raise mindful, conscientious individuals who root for competence and aspire to live a life of happiness and fulfilment.” She further added, “That our students have been winning so many accolades in all spheres, academic or otherwise, is a ratification of the emphasis we place on holistic learning.”

The fact that the school pays equal attention to academics, as well as sports, to nurture its students is commendable. The school has specially designed a Curriculum based on 10 Life Skills for students recommended by World Health Organisation which uses subjects as a medium to develop life skills among the students. Through this curriculum, the school aims to inculcate the skills of empathy, critical thinking, decision-making, self-awareness, and many more in line with the recommendations of the esteemed World Health Organization.

About Pragyanam: Pragyanam is a K-12 school established three years ago in Gurgaon by IIT-IIM alumni. The school is in high demand among parents because of its student-first approach and the many benefits they offer to both parents and students, like scholastic and co-scholastic activities, student-friendly structure, complete transparency, and 100% nutritious food policy, among many others. The live CCTV access and GPS-enabled transport facility they provide to the parents of their students make Pragyanam the first and only formal school in Delhi NCR, ensuring the highest level of transparency is being delivered. The vast activities covered in the curriculum of Pragyanam, apart from core studies, include art, dance, music, theatre, and sports.

With the intent to prepare students with 21st-century life skills to lead a happy and prosperous life to excel in every aspect of their lives, the school is one of the leading choices as a top recommended CBSE school in Gurgaon for students.

For more information on Pragyanam School Gurgaon, visit their website:


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