The world is now easing to the idea of sex education. With thousands of teenagers and adults left clueless when it comes to the topic of sex and intimacy, it has now become the need of the hour to educate them about this topic.

There are tons of YouTube videos that one can watch to know about it all. The narration is pretty accurate, but all of them lack what probably matters the most – visuals.

Thankfully, that is not going to be a problem now that Pornhub has launched its first-ever sex-ed video series. 

Pornhub’s Video Series Educates People About Sex And Related Topics

Launching a sex-ed video series titled “Pornhub Sex Ed” is a phenomenal initiative by the website that receives around 100 billion views per year. It covers all the questions ranging from male and female anatomy to sexual intercourse to vaginal discharge.

Pornhub launches its first-ever sex-ed video series

The series consists of 11 videos, all narrated by the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center’s licensed sex therapists and PhDs. 

Our mission is to share quality information, and we continue to explore ways that we can do that in not only an educational way, but an entertaining one,” says Dr. Laurie Betito, director of the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center.

Many people have questions on how to have sex, so we hope that our video series will provide the visuals that go with those questions,” adds Betito.

The series also addresses the question of “How to have safe-sex during the times of COVID-19?”

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The Series Defies The Unrealistic Expectations Raised By Porn

Ironically, the series shows something contrary to what the website is known for. The video series has been created to educate viewers on real, safe sex. 

Most youngsters turn to porn to learn about the process. Porn, however, shows anything but the real stuff. It leads to high expectations, insecurities, and misinformation about sex.

That’s why the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center created this new video series: to provide a go-to resource for people to learn about how to have sex safely and get visual answers to common questions about sexual experiences,” says Pornhub Vice President Corey Price.

Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center

For creating awareness and battling the taboo, Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center has published hundreds of articles addressing sex-related issues. The website, which was launched in 2017, has witnessed more than 40 million visitors since its launch.

Most searched topics by men and women on Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center

The fact that ‘pleasure’ is also near the top of the list tells me that this is something we rarely talk about in sex education, but that of course matters to us all. After all, why do we have sex if not for pleasure? If sex doesn’t feel good then something is up, and people clearly are looking for answers and direction in this area,” says Betito.

Now you know your go-to destination if you are looking for reliable information on anatomy, vaginal discharge, sexual intercourse, STDs, and much more.

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