An F&B outlet called BeHive at Hinjewadi, Pune on 2nd November found itself amidst some troubling harassment accusations.

The Alleged Incident

When the customers visited the women’s washroom, they found a mobile camera placed in one of the washroom cubicles, hidden from the unaware eye. 

As reported by the customers, when they asked the management to look into this matter, the mobile camera could no longer be found. Thankfully, the women were quick enough to have taken the picture of the camera before it just ‘disappeared’.

When the pictures were uploaded on social media platforms, it caused a severe uproar forcing the outlet to take steps.

Allegedly the manager tried to bribe his way out of it

The women claim that on being called out, the pub authorities tried to sweep it under the rug by asking them “what they wanted to do instead”.

Deleting negative reviews

Furthermore, when the women posted a negative review on Zomato, the pub authorities decided to remove the review from the website. This made the women seek help and justice on social media platforms, making the news go viral.

The hidden mobile camera in the women’s bathroom

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BeHive’s Response To The Incident

On reaching out to BeHive, the outlet accepted all the charges and accusations. As an explanation they uploaded a police report that it has filed, blaming a third-party housekeeping agency. The report states, 

“ Behive has a third party tie-up with a housekeeping agency named Shraddha facility services (owner: Gopal Shukla) and had replaced these boys as new joining to the workplace…”

The report goes on to say that it’s the new employees of the housekeeping agency who placed the camera in the women’s washroom and removed it after the women spotted it. The report further adds that the outlet has taken action against the housekeeping agency and has fired them.

The police complaint BeHive put up on their Instagram stories

BeHive’s reply to the public reaction

Later on, the outlet authorities made their statement on social media, throwing light on the incident. They apologized for the incident and cleared off their names by blaming the housekeeping agency. Their reply to the ones asking for an explanation on Instagram reads,

We’re apologetic that such an incident had to take place at our outlet. We have taken strict action against the people who have done this and are behind bars now...We ensure of the security of the female and assure that no such incidence takes place in the future ever…”

BeeHive’s response

Removing the negative reviews

Amidst all this, one cannot fail to wonder why this got reported on 5th November, Tuesday when the incident happened on 2nd November, Sunday?

Is it because of the plummeting popularity of the pub after the incident went viral on social media and the gazillion one-star reviews on restaurant review websites like Zomato? Or is it because the authorities tried to bury the incident and keep it all hush hoping that their negligence will remain unnoticed?

The negative reviews have been taken down

According to the customers, the outlet has taken down all the negative reviews. The reviews on Zomato were removed without their permission.

After being made aware of the incident, people are giving negative reviews on the Zomato website and pointing out the irresponsible nature of the pub authorities.

Incidents like this show that this generation ain’t about damsels in distress. Rather, it’s a generation of Wonder Women, who are ready to take up the fight in their own hands and get justice for themselves. 

What is your opinion regarding the whole incident?

Image Credits: Google Images, Instagram and Zomato

Sources: Instagram, Zomato

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