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Polling Day: Gucci, Selfies and the Marked Finger


Hey! Kejriwal won with like, flyyyying colours!

By the way, his muffler didn’t really contradict Kiran Bedi’s suit as it should have. Don’t you think?

Life’s a struggle like that.

It’s nothing less than a struggle when you pamper, care for and manage your beautifully manicured fingernails, and then, they break off a day before Delhi Elections.

How unfair.

So, what all do you require to create the-perfect-Delhi-Elections aura around yourself, and hence avoid mishaps like the one mentioned above?

Firstly, you would need a very strong, firm opinion on the candidate from whichever political (yayyy, party!) you decide to support. And an even stronger opinion on the ones you decide to write strong-worded social media statuses against.

Then, you would need, or want, an equally intellectual group of *besties* to support your decision and also, to accompany you to the polling (photo) booth.

article-2425808-1BEB5FC6000005DC-467_964x605The best part comes here! You get to decide on the #ootd. Make sure you choose a very simple, makes-you-look-all-serious piece that would of course make you look amazing in those after-vote pictures.

Here comes the finale. Go vote! In other words, show off your marked fingers like anything.



Sarcasm aside, for many of us, Delhi elections weren’t a platform to exercise our political right to cast a vote, but to dazzle the world with our sheer (i.e. barely there) brilliance when it comes to politics and, more importantly, our amazing sense of polling fashion and after-vote selfie skills.

Don’t take it wrong, there’s nothing wrong that enjoying the experience, especially if it’s the first time you’re voting, like it is for many of us. What concerns us is the motive in your mind when you come to cast your vote. Sure, post a selfie when after you vote, but don’t make it the only reason you voted for.

Young_voters_showWe’re lucky people, for we get to enjoy political suffrage, and we should try to make the best out of it. Political power, if exercised properly, is something that can turn over millions of lives within a very short span of time. Given the right to change who gets this power in their hands, we should make use of it. While it’s not necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of recent political scenarios and judgments, it helps if one is aware of the general facts and candidate profiles. We’ll choose better if we know our choices better, right?

Selfie or no selfie, the marked fingernail should remind you of your choice you made knowingly.





By Snigdha Singh


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