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Pires’s Investment Proves Mainstream Value of DeFi Company YOP



PayPal has announced its upcoming support for cryptocurrencies, but PayPal isn’t the only major player with its eyes on this exciting financial investment. DeFi (decentralized finance) platform YOP has obtained the backing of Pires Investment Plc, a London Stock Exchange listed venture firm which focuses its investments in next-generation technology companies.

DeFi (decentralized finance) refers to cryptocurrencies, similar to Bitcoin. In the past decade, such currencies changed millions of lives. Even so, they are still outsiders to a mainstream audience.

In the unprecedented quarantine of 2020, the world leaned heavily on the Internet to keep connections going in all aspects of society. With this environment becoming ever more the norm, cryptocurrency takes on increasing importance.  DeFi experienced exponential growth this year, from $700 million to over $14 billion in estimated value.  Institutional investors will no longer ignore these significant assets as the “fringe”.

Pires put YOP through weeks of high-level due diligence and technical review, exactly as it would review mainstream assets.  YOP successfully passed validation, and now has the cornerstone of Pires’s backing and support, proving their value over most early-stage cryptocurrency projects.

YOP’s offering is an app that makes cryptocurrency dealings accessible to new users and easier for pros.  YOP allows everyone to access the crypto financial market by simplifying and solving the headaches of interacting with various sources, the technical jargon, and multiple frustrating contracts and protocols.  

The current DeFi troubles:

  • Current apps have limited features, and no providers give consumers the all-in-one experience.
  • Most available DeFi tools are web-based. Their mobile apps are unreliable and riddled with glitches.
  • Users must deal with different platforms, paying considerable fees for each one.
  • Different platforms have conflicting information.
  • The time it takes to translate data across multiple platforms can lead to missed opportunities. Speed is a key factor when executing trades.

YOP’s solution is twofold: optimization platform and protocol.  The platform app does the hard work, yet gives the user full control of funds. Users can view the DeFi market, swap tokens, access in-depth market data and create a dashboard to track activity.  The protocol allows access to any blockchain or reward program so users can optimize yield.  

YOP users will have:

  • The best market rates and the most liquidity.
  • The ability to create new markets in an instant.
  • The best data available (smart market analysis, blockchain data harvesting, DeFi stats, market insights, live feeds, portfolio management, and DEX integration).
  • Instant market access.
  • Connection to yield markets – live aggregation, pricing and community engagement.
  • One seamless application that optimizes farming and staking.
  • A complete set of tools (Swap, Farm, Harvest, Store) that will save users time and money.  Users can develop a process that can even be shared with others.

Institutional investment, such as Pires’s approval and backing, is the proof of value for YOP and its innovative process to open the cryptocurrency world to all users. Pires’s support pinpoints YOP as a robust technology that will stand the test of time and integrate into the world’s financial future.

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