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is your phone the new dog?



Dogs are a man’s best friend. Or wait, is it time to change this old and famous saying to “a phone is a man’s best friend”. Half of you might be finding this absolutely stupid but read on! You’ll get some proofs!


  1. You get one and you show them off in front of people:  Admit it, you show off that cute, little puppy you just bought.  You can’t help but doing it. You’ll show off the amazing skills he possess, be it ‘fetch’, ‘sit’ or anything else. Coming to your new phone. Bet you don’t lose any opportunity of taking out that smart phone and showing it to everyone.  Its stylish looks, sensitive touch ability etc, everything needs to be displayed.
  2. You guard them with your life: A scratch on your phone or a bruise on your dog. Nothing makes you more sad/pissed/paranoid. Let’s agree that you guard both of them as your kids. Both of them are comparable as it hurts to see any of them in a bad condition.
  3. You take them to bed: Your phone and your dog rightfully belong on your bed. There’s nowhere on this earth when you’ll allow them to be separated from you. They belong to you. Period.
  4. They give you happiness: Both of them are a source of happiness. Your dog makes you exuberant. Your phone and its messages, photos etc. make you smile. Its funny how in times of distress, both of them give you comfort.
  5. You put too many pictures with them on facebook: a picture with your dog and a selfie in the mirror with your phone. Both of them adorn your facebook profile.  Believe it or not, but you’ll have a lot of pictures with both.


So has it now got you believing that your phone might be your new dog? The similarities are uncanny. It’s for real. A phone is like a dog. If you have one, you can’t imagine a life without it.




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