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Phil Bohol, Top Sales Coach, Publishes 7 Simple Mistakes Closers Make In High Ticket Sales


Founder of 6-Figure Sales Bootcamp(TM) shares the little-known mistakes closers make that keep them from succeeding

SAN FRANCISCO, January, 2, 2021, Phil Bohol, the renowned sales coach and Founder of 6-Figure Sales Bootcamp(TM), announced today that he has published a new eBook, 7 Simple Mistakes Closers Make In High Ticket Sales. Based on Bohol’s extremely successful career in sales, the eBook offers insights into the sales process and reveals the little-known mistakes closers make that keep them from succeeding in high ticket sales. It offers guidance for sales professionals on how to increase the volume of sales they can close immediately—and encourages them not to focus on practices that impede the achievement of sales goals.

Bohol is a highly sought-after sales coach and consultant. “I’ve been developing my sales skills for over a decade,” Bohol said. “I’ve established my sales philosophy and applied it to high ticket sales professionals across multiple seven- and eight-figure companies, as well as Fortune 500 corporations around the world. I know what works and what doesn’t. I wrote the eBook to share what I’ve learned over the years.”

Bohol’s path to sales success was atypical. After serving as an Infantry Squad Leader Machine Gunner in the Marine Corps, Bohol started a career in sales. By age 25, he was earning a six-figure income from sales and managing sales teams in large-scale corporate environments. “I went from leading, training, and developing Marines to their peak potential to leading, training, and developing sales professionals to hit their sales and income goals,” he added. Indeed, Bohol found that the training skills he learned in the Marines worked in training sales professionals. “Who knew infantry tactics work in Sales?” Bohol remarked.

An unfortunate sequence of events in Bohol’s life paradoxically led to the very auspicious decision to launch 6-Figure Sales Bootcamp(TM). After he and his wife suffered injuries in a car accident, the company that employed him went under due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He was out of a job. At the same time, Bohol’s wife became pregnant. “Marines don’t cry, as we say in the Corps,” Bohol said. “But this was definitely a challenging moment. However, as I was trained to do, I prepared to attack rather than retreat.” At that point, Bohol went to work creating and then building up the 6-Figure Sales Bootcamp(TM), which is now thriving.

The eBook shares Bohol’s perspective on seven mistakes sales professionals make in high ticket situations: Don’t be afraid to fail; Never compare your results with others; Stop focusing on sales tactics; Using scripts the wrong way; Not understanding your prospects; Not understanding your offer; And, thinking you need years of experience to make 6-figures in high ticket sales. For each mistake, Bohol provides insights and recommendations that enable the reader to overcome the potential for error and grow in sales prowess and income.

The first mistake he discusses, “Don’t be afraid to fail,” looms large for many sales professionals, even those who are relatively successful. In Bohol’s case, a transition from inbound to outbound sales revealed this fear to him. He had trained for inbound situations, where customers called him. When he had to make the outbound call, he found himself unexpectedly anxious. “I think this is where many people get scared, where a lot of closers freeze up because this is new and they’re not really taught what to do,” Bohol said. “They get afraid to fail. They see this huge hill in front of them, and they don’t want to attack the hill.”

In Bohol’s case, he embraced his need to be uncomfortable. “I needed to try,” he said. “I knew I needed to fail to achieve my goals. So, what I did was I made it more fun. I made my outbound calls in a way where my failure got me closer to my success. I made every fail, every person that hung up on me, every person that didn’t answer my phone call, and I made it fun.” This process enabled Bohol to grow in confidence and become a far more effective closer in outbound sales than he imagined he ever could. He further noted, “Everything you consider as failure is a learning lesson that makes you a much better, more highly skilled sales professional.”

The advice to “never compare your results with others” arose from Bohol’s experience working with a client who would constantly bemoan his lack of success in relation to others on his team. In what Bohol describes as a life lesson that transcends sales—but which is essential for sales success—it’s necessary to accept that it’s okay not to be where the A-players are yet.

“Everybody starts from ground zero,” Bohol said. “When you join the Marines, for example, you walk in a teenage kid and you come out a man. That doesn’t just happen. You have to leap into the training process and strengthen yourself across almost every dimension of your being. Sales is not that different, really. It challenges you. Everyone’s path to success is a little different. For that reason, it’s wise to ignore everyone else.”

Instead of comparing oneself to others, Bohol advises his clients only to compare themselves to who they were yesterday. This is a good way to stay motivated. The process also allows for setting goals and marking progress toward their achievement. “Get 1% better every day,” Bohol recommended. “You’ll be amazed at how far you can go with this approach.”

To download the free eBook, visit http://www.philbohol.com/PDF

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