Three years after passing out of college, Dhritiman Ray, a graduate from the Psychology course, still hasn’t received his degree from the University of Delhi.

With no sign of the degree, he approached the Delhi High Court on 6th July 2020.

What happened?

Ray wished to pursue higher education from the esteemed King’s College, London. He was left helpless as he couldn’t apply to the concerned college due to the lack of a degree. Usually, it takes at least a year for the degree to be conferred.

Till then, the University provides the students with a special Degree Certificate which acts as a provisional degree so that the students don’t suffer any disadvantages while applying for higher education.

“The institute wanted a degree with a conferral date — the date on which the degree is officially awarded. It was not there on the special certificate which was given to me by DU in December 2019 when I approached the officials to get my degree. The degrees are never awarded in the same year and often take around two years to come”, said Ray.

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DU’s response

The whole issue took a comical note when DU stated that due to lack of paper, it failed to confer the degree on time.

As per court documents, DU submitted that “the reason for non-issuance of the degree certificate is lack of proper quality paper and that the contract with the printer has also expired. The contract with the printer engaged by Delhi University came to an end and the same had to be re-tendered. Owing to the lockdown situation, there were very few bids received for the tender which delayed the process. However, the tender for the printer is being finalized shortly”.

The High Court was quick to dismiss such petty reasons and said that both the reasons weren’t credible enough to justify the matter, and such negligence is unacceptable especially when the educational prospects and careers of the students are at stake.

The Court has ordered the University to streamline the process of the issue of degree certificates and to file an affidavit within four weeks.

Mr. Vinay Gupta, Dean (Exams), Delhi University, said that owing to delayed data from colleges around December 2019, further delay in degrees was caused. Moreover, after the pandemic outbreak, matters slowed down.

He also added that the tender for the printing press will be hopefully renewed by 31st July 2020 and degrees will be conferred to the students soon.

What’s next?

Following the court’s intervention, the University on July 9 gave Dhritiman a degree certificate wherein his name and other details were handwritten.

With hope in his heart, he is still waiting for a formal degree with an aim to study at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

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