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Recently we’ve witnessed a very peculiar situation in the country. We’ve always been living in a hypocrite world but what we saw in the last few days was ‘too bollywood to digest’. It all went so over-dramatic that I swayed the so-hyped Ashes from my mind. I’m talking about the recent Delhi elections and more so about the results. We all knew well before the elections that Congress was out of the picture and Sheila Dixit was to get a pitiful loss in Delhi. But what happened afterwards was something we never expected. The drama diverted all our attention from the loss of Congress to the ‘Pehle Aap’ situation, wherein the Aam Aadmi Party and BJP won the highest votes but no one had a clear majority to claim the governance. From what we hear on TV and read on papers, it seems that neither one of them is interested in ruling the state.

From the Modi effect to Anti-congress wave and to a 1-year old party gaining so much hype and to the recent ‘Pehle Aap’ situation, Delhi has seen it all and more is in store.

AAP says that it would neither give support nor accept support from either BJP or Congress. And the other 2 seats won’t help the cause. This has made AAP out of the picture to form the government, because neither does it have majority nor more than 50% voters support them. AAP’s decision to not accept support from any of the parties is quite fair though because otherwise their very existence could be in jeopardy. They rose to fame with their so-called ‘Anti-Corruption’ Movement which Mr. Kejriwal believed was the gift of both BJP and Congress. So if they indulge in any coalitions, it would definitely defame their name.

BJP on the other hand has always been open to support. The similar went this time around as well. If AAP candidates are to be believed, many BJPians called the AAPians to influence them. They directly ridiculed the BJPians for their ‘Tod-Jod’ strategy, which has forced BJP to refrain from any such act. So if BJP will also not accept support, this makes them a tainted winner, which is not enough to form the government.

Both these parties are not able to form the government, so they are suggesting playing the role of a constructive opposition and are asking the other party to take a stand and rule. But the problem lies that neither one of them has clear majority and both these parties who are saying, ‘Pehle Aap’, clearly know that if the other party is to form government, it must do some sort of ‘jod-tod’ which will ultimately give a lot of spice to the political honchos and result in defamation of the party. So they are refraining from any such ‘brow-raising’ activities as they are focusing on the bigger picture (the lok Sabha Elections), which has left them no other option but to say, ‘Pehle Aap’.


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