Biopics have been an easy escape for the Indian filmmakers to quench the audience’s thirst for original content. In the last few years, we have been bombarded with biopics one after the other. And biopics of sportspeople seem to be a rising category within this genre.

And you know what, why not? You get it all – emotion, drama, climax, and the passionate denouement that you can hope for! Therefore, adding to the list, we have another such touching story of Saina Nehwal, who has made us proud on several occasions.

Some Deets About The Biopic

The upcoming biopic, titled Saina, directed by Amole Gupte, has Parineeti Chopra in the titular role. The actor took to social media on Tuesday to announce the release date of the movie.

She also posted the teaser of the film on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. The movie, which will debut in the theatres on 26 March, has been in the news for the longest time.

And now that the teaser has been released, after several postponements and other concerns that had plagued the movie since the beginning, it seems to be again in the news for the wrong reasons. This time, it is the poster that has stirred up the controversy. 

What Is The Row On Social Media About?

It is the poster that became the victim of a lot of scathing criticisms from Twitteratti. The poster has an image of Parineeti Chopra and a tricolour band serving the badminton shuttle. And above the hand, is the title of the film, that is, Saina. 

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As fate always has it, the poster was met with varied opinions. Many of the social media users expressed their ecstasy on the release of the poster and the teaser. There were others who could not help but point out the obvious. 

Several Twitterati questioned the manner of the badminton serve, which looked more like a tennis toss. Adding to Twitter’s humble store of knowledge, some of the users also spotted that unlike what the poster shows, the badminton serve is done underhand. 


And it is in lawn tennis that the player does an overarm serve, where the playing object is above the hand, which is what the poster apparently visualizes. The thread of commentaries that started with it seems long and never-ending with so many opinions and views pouring in.


Some joked about whether the poster was made by a tennis enthusiast.


Others shared the amusement of this honest mistake by asking whether the film is based on Sania Mirza or Saina Nehwal.


Whether the film will do justice to Saina Nehwal and her game of badminton, time will only tell. But anyway, with such an ensemble cast and talented crew, do not forget to get yourself a packet of tissues while you go and watch the film. 

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Sources: India Today, Hindustan Times, NDTV

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