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Oxford Adds Thousand More Words In Its Dictionary


Keeping up with time, Oxford has decided to rev up its dictionary by adding a few more words.

Oxford has launched the latest version of its dictionary that has thousand new words which are being frequently used in the social media.

In the last few years Oxford has added a few words to its library of words and such words automatically get added into the English Language.

Remember 2012 when ‘Jai Ho’ was added or more recently ‘selfie’ became an English Language word.


Social Media Gives Birth To Language!

If previous years and the thousand words that are added this year are taken into account then it is clear that it is the social media that has become the platform for innovating and inventing modern language.

The Selfie fever that took the internet by storm a few years ago was probably the first step in bringing to light the need to revamp language.



Choosing The Words Is The Hard Part.

Since internet is the only place where people experiment with language, Oxford keeps account of the words that are often trending or frequently used in conversations.

If the word is in usage ‘actively’ for two hundred days Oxford shortlists it and may later add it to its dictionary.

Words such as ‘Jai Ho’ became popular due the song that took the western world by storm but in the past two years the world has hardly been in usage.

Such words that ‘die out’ stand a chance to be dropped from the dictionary. (disadvantage of using internet to make a dictionary)

But usually these words are centuries old and not been in use for a really, really, really long time.


YOLO Is Officially A Word!

Of the thousand words that did find a place in the dictionary, YOLO is the most popular.

Other words include OMG- Oh My God, Cat Café, Oompa Loompa, Moobs or Man Boobs, splendiferous, click bait, bae, Scooby Snack, Westminster Bubble, freemium and slacktivists.

Meme creators worldwide can rejoice in the fact that they’ve cemented ‘‘Merica’ (short for America) into the English language.

But the weirdest addition has to be ‘Uh-Oh’ because apparently it the realization of blunder.

These new additions have been hailed by people who believe that internet is the medium to build a global language and then there is another set of people who wish English retains its elite value.

Whatever be the case, dictionary will surely grow fatter with each passing year!

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