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How To Get The Perfect Selfie?


Selfies today have become a very important part of smartphones and our lives.

But what really are the things that make your Selfie perfect?

1. Screen Flash:

Bright sun kissed selfies always comes out nice but what about late night clubbing selfies, where you hardly have a light source to depend on. Light shouldn’t come between you and your selfie, absolutely no! So if you have a screen flash option, be it night or day your picture will always come out perfect and bright.

2. Blemish and Skin Tone Corrector:

Everybody has acne problems or some other skin issues, But you can’t give up on taking a picture at your favourite cafe because of that small pimple. This feature is such a relief for teenagers, so whenever wherever; your selfie will have the perfect skin tone without any foundation.


3. Automatic Click Function:

It is a cumbersome job to touch the screen to click a selfie, selfie sticks are an option but carrying them around is another headache. So why not have a feature which starts the timer at the wave of your hand or a click button that works when you say “CHEESE”! Never miss the picture and get the perfect smile.

4. Slow Shutter and Multiple Exposure Setup:

Pouty selfies are slowly washing away but what is on the way after that is surely much more interesting. Till now only DSLRs had a shutter adjustment function. But what if your phone has one too? Multiple exposures will completely change the game with effects that will blow the social media.


5. Good Storage Space and RAM:

One should be able to click a good selfie but storage can be such a headache. RAM of the phone has to be big enough to allow easy upload and transfer of these pictures.

But how would you get all these qualities in one single camera-phone?

The new range of OPPO F1 series, Bright and Beautiful Selfie Expert is every amateur photographer’s perfect companion.


Dubbed as the “Selfie Expert”, the F1 features 8 MP front-facing camera with a wide f/2.0 aperture lens that allows a very good range for your selfie.

OPPO’s Beautify 3.0 feature helps in removing the blemishes and gives you an event tone so that one gets the perfect selfie.

OPPO’s patented Screen Flash helps snapping selfies  even in low-light conditions.

Another feature is the spoken and hand commands. When you wave your hand in front of the camera, the timer gets activated. Also the click button responds to the person saying “CHEESE”.

The F1 also features a 13 MP rear camera with an ISOCELL sensor, the phase detection auto focus (PDAF) with a focus time of just 0.1s, and the anti-shake optimization feature which enables the camera to automatically select the clearest image from a huge buffer of image data the moment the shutter button is pressed.

F1 – the OPPO Selfie Expert with “silk metal” starts at Rs 15,990.

Want another secret? OPPO F1 sales will be from 4th to 6th Feb, so go get the best off them, then.


Is it on your list already? ;)

Nishita Karun
Love to talk love to traveller poems stories all I can babble. Student at Nift read my articles to know more.



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