OpED: What I Thought About The ‘Howdy Modi’ Event In US, As An Indian Millennial

Modi’s recent visit to the US, where he was greeted with great aplomb by both US President Donald Trump and Indian Americans alike, made waves in India too. 

Several Indians sat glued to their televisions to watch the Howdy Modi programme, where Modi and Trump seemed to be cementing their ties and those of their respective countries too.

Our thoughts during this programme:


It was nice to see how the Indian PM was welcomed warmly in the US, and to know that India as a country is respected by America. 

It also sent a strong message to anti-India organizations that India has a strong ally in the US. 

Modi and Trump appeared quite friendly, strengthening India’s ties with the US.


Given the Kashmir situation that has been going on in India, profiling of citizens and ‘non citizens’ in the North East, and the current state of the economy, shouldn’t we focus more on fixing these than foreign relations? 

Is the US really a reliable ally who will be there for India in our time of need, or take the side of both India and Pakistan? 

Shouldn’t we as Indians respect our fellow citizens and their culture first, instead of trying to impose Hindi? 

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Watch the full video here:

It is also interesting to note that allegedly comedian Hasan Minhaj was prevented from entering the venue despite having a ticket, because of his political views expressed on his show The Patriot Act. However, his image was beamed on the big screen at the event as a prominent member of the Indian-American community. Contrasting views? 

Share your thoughts on the Howdy Modi Event in the comments below. 

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Sources: The Wire, Hindustan Times

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