Let us start off by throwing at you some really important definitions.

If you are a bit familiar with Indian ghosts, you would know what a “pishaach” means. The female counterpart of it is “pishaachini”, meaning an evil female demoness.

A feminist is a person (either male or female) who aims for and fights to bring gender equality in society.

That brings us to our third definition – gender equality. It refers to both the gender getting equal rights, opportunities and recognition in the society.

Now, try visualising the term “feminist pishaachinis” in your head. Does the image that comes to your mind resemble a grotesque man-eating lady, with two-three frightened men in her fists, with red eyes and wearing the conventional spotless saree? Then maybe that’s what the ‘Save Indian Family’ NGO wants you to picture the bizarre term as.

The Puja To Chuck Out “Feminist Pishaachinis”

An organization called ‘Save Indian Family‘ has grabbed the headlines lately, owing to the very interesting puja they carried out to make the nation mukt of the “feminist pishaachinis” and cure the country of cancerous feminism.

The NGO carried out a nation-wide Pindadaan and Puja to “drive away the evils that are plaguing our country.” The organization apparently aims to promote some sort of unique ‘gender equality and family harmony’.

Their manifesto says,

“The puja is symbolic for us. It will help get rid of this cancer (feminism); to us, the #MeToo movement is rakshasa and needs to be eradicated. Feminism is why families are breaking at the drop of a hat in India. It is destroying the cohesion that holds families together. We might do it again in order to eradicate the evil that is feminism.”

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Humour Level 1000%

What interests me is their never-heard-of-before idea of gender equality, which conveniently perceives one gender as demonesses. And then the idea that feminism is breaking families apart and destroying familial cohesion.

Is the patriarchally-rooted familial structure so weak and vulnerable that the empowerment of its women threatens to break it apart?

Plus, it is hilarious to note the velocity with which #Notallmen picked up on social media and drawing-room conversations too- men lamenting to each other and to women about not all of them being perpetrators of crime and violence on the womenfolk.

Even if I empathise with that innocent statement, what does not make sense to me is how not all men are criminals, but ALL women definitely are bad drivers and gossip-mongers!

But let us not blame them for earnestly performing this puja and pindadaan, which they feel are quite the need-of-the-hour. An individual does what he feels is the right thing, and the definition of ‘right’ differs from person-to-person hugely.

If they feel that feminists are pishaachinis that India needs to get rid of, let us respect their beliefs. After all, even terrorists who blow up their fellow human beings do so because it is right in their head, isn’t it?

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Sources: India Today, Vice, India Times

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