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I Love Myself & Am Self Obsessed, So?


Well, before beginning this article I would like all of you to shut your eyes and remember the great stock saying of Mr. Bunty (remember Bunty and Babli, folks?) – “Yeh world hai na world issmein do tarah ke log hote hai..”. Evidently as a child I was immensely inspired by him and so I take the liberty to tweak his pet dialogue for my own good.

So dear readers, yeh world hai na world issmein do tarah ke log hote hai, ek jo doosron se pyaar karte hai aur ek jo khud se pyaar karte hai (there are two types of people in this world, one who love others and the others who love themselves.) And I have always been curious about the second type of people.

Pause for a quick selfie!


The History

Let’s trace back the history of self love or commonly known as narcissism. Narcissus, in Greek mythology, was the son of the river god Cephissus and the nymph (in Greek Mythology a nymph is a minor female nature diety) Liriope. The Nymph was concerned about the wellbeing of her new born baby so she went to consult a famous oracle (in Greek Mythology oracles are portals through which the Gods spoke to the commoners) by the name of Teiresias regarding her son’s future.

Teiresias told the Nymph that Narcissus “would live to be a ripe old age, as long as he never knew himself.”

As a baby Narcissus was immensely beautiful, he grew more so as he matured. Both men and women desired him but the vain youth shunned everyone every time.

self 2

Narcissus had no interest in falling in love with anyone and successfully resisted all attempts at romance.

However, much to the dislike of Narcissus, there lived a young and beautiful mountain Nymph named Echo, who was a very pleasant girl, but she had a reputation for being a chatterbox.

Echo had fallen in love with Narcissus but he broke her heart and left her devastated. The number of lovers had only increased for Narcissus. A handsome man named Ameinius was also vain youth’s admirer but Narcissus made him plunge a sword into his heart to prove his love for him.

self 3

However Narcissus paid for his sins (you get served what you deserve – Karma); he fell in love for the first time. And surprisingly he fell in love with himself. He saw his reflection in a pool and felt the pangs of love for the first time. He wanted to acquire his love; however, he soon realized that like his other lovers he was also not worthy of ‘his’ love and his love was left unrequited and thus he killed himself.

self 4

Present day Narcs

In the twenty first century, ‘Narc’ or ‘Narcissist’ is commonly used for people who cannot take their eyes off themselves and who do not miss a chance to take a quick glance at any surface on which they see their reflected beauty. (Rings a bell, teens?) Sometimes immodest people are also referred to ask Narcs. People who are ‘obsessed’ with themselves are also called Narcs. But, excuse me, if you believe you have got it, flaunt it! ;)

So, being called a Narcissist is a comment or compliment, that depends on different people’s perceptions. :)

Self 5

My take on Narcissism

‘Love is beautiful’. But *Narc comment alert* self love is the most beautiful. There is nothing like admiring yourself. So what if I am not as pretty as Narcissus, I still fall in love with myself every time I look into the mirror.

And those of you still who still do not admit that you love yourself please take classes from Pakalu Papito ;)

Here you go!

Self 7


And, another one.


Self 8

Can he BE any better at this? (Chandler style)

Self 9

Hahaha, keep loving yourself! Cause I’m busy lovin’ me! ;)


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