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Ollia Tzarina – “I Rejected A Kardashian”


This is a position any young designer wants to be in, to be able to pick and choose its power influencers and brand ambassadors even if they are A list celebrities.

This is a fortunate position that Ollia Tzarina found herself in when her brand Tzarina By Ollia was at the height of its global fame in 2019. A source close to Ollia told us that Tzarina By Ollia would get tens of emails every day from every A list celebrity and their stylists asking for collaborations and at times the brand would have to reject a celebrity if Ollia thought their following was not in the line with the brand’s image.

The brand has dressed Beyonce and Kendall Jenner, Kylie and Kourtney Kardashian plus many other A list stars, so when Ollia received an email from Khloe Kardashian’s stylist asking to manufacture two long red fox fur coats for her and her then boyfriend, the brand has politely rejected the request, which was met with a follow up email from the stylist asking if Khloe could pay for the jackets, but the price in question was not significant for the brand so they declined the offer.

Ollia has later told the source the reason for rejecting Khloe was her fan base. Tzarina By Ollia brand loved working with Kendall and Kylie as they are both followed by young fashionistas.

‘Kendall has a lot of wealthy socialites in her fan base as well, so she was great for the brand‘s image’- an ex Tzarina employee told us.

This is how the fashion industry works, it’s throat cutting. Since then Tzarina By Ollia was sold to the un-named wife of an Indian billionaire and is preparing for the relaunch this autumn.

Ollia Tzarina, 27, who has just recovered from a scandal caused by her ex investor selling a story about how she was lying about her age ( telling the world she was older ) in order to be seen more serious and to avoid ageism and sexism in the business world, is busy working on her luxury organic skincare brand -‘Bio Lab Exotique’ with her Pepsi heir business partner Mr. Asghar Akhtar Khan.

‘Bio Lab Exotique’ aims to treat skin conditions such as acne and eczema, dehydration and loss of elasticity – naturally, using rare oils sourced from all over the African continent, formulated in a high tech lab and sold all over Europe.

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