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Nuisance That Indians Create In The Name of Hinduism (Don’t File An F.I.R. After Reading)


India is too sensitive a country to discuss religion. The word itself brings various emotions like hate, sexism, superstition, irrationality, etc., in everybody’s mind. Religion, in India, has achieved what common people have failed to, like employment and humanism. Thousands of devotee have had spent their entire life promoting a religion which was forced upon them by their ancestors, without asking the question “Why?”

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In fact, in today’s era, rationality and religion are antonyms. Let us look at nuisance which people create in the name of religion or God or supposedly both. Since I am a born Hindu, don’t get pissed off at my upfrontness.

  • Holding a non-stop Ramayana without a break

Don’t you just hate it when a neighbor of yours has woofers and speakers installed on their roof just to listen to Ramayana. I mean you have a separate house so can’t you restrict the volume to your own house? You believe in God but are you dependent on God for common sense? And the double standards start when having a late night party is considered evil but holding a no-break-only-mantra Ramayana is considered holy. Aunty dono situation mey police bula sakti hai!

  • Polluting rivers because religion is not clean

Living in a city where there is a confluence of three rivers: Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati (supposedly), I can spot no inch of the Ghats which is unpolluted. If it’s not polluted, it’s not a Ghat. From polyethene to flowers, and man poop to effigies, everything, and anything can be found within a meter, whether in the waters or on the Ghats. Hey! Here’s a thought. India is my country, all the rivers are my rivers, so why not defend our country and TAKE STAND AGAINST IT. This is nationalism. Oh, I forgot. This is the era of pseudo-nationalism.

  • Taking out rallies

Planning and performing rallies in order to promote or supposedly perform religious fulfillment is a very common thing which is done by every religion. The reason behind this is that one day God woke up and said, “Hey! Why not disturb people by blocking roads and creating unnecessary noise which would affect public mobility and tranquility!” The rally of chowkis during Dussera is something far beyond my rationality. Similar rallies can be seen in Muharram & Easter. What God meant: Religion is for public. What people actually decipher: Religion is for public disturbance.

  • Bursting extremely violent crackers because violence is the essence of religion

In Ramayana, when Lord Ram arrived Ayodhya after freeing Lanka, people welcomed him by glowing candles and diyas and with sweets and a little dhol music. But in our modern world, Lord Ram would be welcomed with high-end-bombs-and crackers which can damage your entire nervous system, constantly fluctuating lights which will confuse you to the point that you’ll doubt whether you are color blind, sweets which are either so sweet that diabetes is not a dream anymore or sweets which are prepared by milk which is a mixture of surf excel, and DJ music which can make you go deaf for a few moments.

  • Dancing to Bollywood tunes in front of the road on Diwali, Dussera, Holi

Commuting via road is tough when Diwali or Holi or Eid is around. You can always spot few unemployed and untalented chaps dancing on roads. And that to on Bollywood tunes. It’s tough to gulp that it would please God. Roads are meant for the public, public doesn’t include God. The only thing that comes to mind is Let me commute else I will pull a Salman Khan here.

  • Wasting amenities instead of giving it to poor

Because God never wanted to help the needy or the weak. Here’s a small list of things which are wasted in festivals: Water in Holi, Milk on Shivaratri or Naag Panchami, Sweets on Diwali, and Peace on every particular festival. How is it so hard to comprehend that an oval stone or any stone, cannot absorb or drink milk? Why gifting sweets when you know the other person has diabetes and heart issues?


Call me a kid ranting about things which he doesn’t understand, but everyone knows the bitter truth. They just choose to act foolishly.

Religion is both funny and unfunny. It depends on the number of criticism I will face after people read this article. The above examples are public nuisance and can be questioned in a court of law.

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Prateek Gupta
Prateek Gupta
Law student who cares and writes.



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