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LivED It: Find Sports Grounds Around You With The Huddle Up App


So many of us sports players face a real dilemma when it comes to life. We love to play, but are not able to. Either it is because our grumpy neighbour Mrs. Sharma can’t bear the thought of children having fun in front of our house (Screw you Mrs. Sharma!) or because there isn’t a ground suitable enough for our needs!

There are others among us, who would like to train and bring their skills to a whole new level, but when it comes to searching for the right academy or training ground, they just laze off.

Isn’t there a solution to these problems? Is there a place where I can get all such information easily and compare them to get the best possible deal which suits my needs?

Yes, there is!

A new app launched recently, Huddle Up, provides information about the closest grounds and academies. Wherever you may be, you will be able to find swimming pools, football grounds, tennis courts and the likes, all depending on your location.

The app lists grounds according to the distance from you and the rating given to it. For each location, all the available sports are mentioned alongside it.

So here is how it works:

  • To book a venue, follow the given steps:
  1. Click on the sport you play
  2. Choose any location from the given list and click on “Book”
  3. Select the date
  4. Select the kind of ground you want
  5. Select any of the available slots you like
  6. Proceed to checkout and pay through net banking or by using a credit/debit card


  • To register in an academy, here is what you have to do:
  1. Choose the sport you want to play
  2. Select any academy from the list. Click on “Register”
  3. Pick the age group/ level you belong to
  4. Choose from the given plans (Monthly/ Quarterly/ Half-Yearly/ Yearly)
  5. Decide on the most convenient timing from the given range of options
  6. Finally proceed to the checkout for payment

pjimage (1)

So simple! But still so useful!

Try out this new app and rediscover your love for sports again!

Come on Delhi! Let’s Huddle Up!

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