October 16: One brand has taken the opportunity and time COVID has provided for tracking and identifying the trends as well as insights along with the key drivers behind these recent market changes. They have realized that the pandemic spurred the adoption of online retailing in the world. And, with a steep rise in the strategy of purchase two to three major purchases instead of multiple, small-sized spends, people are genuinely looking for worthy design options online.

This has led a young entrepreneur and her team driven Lashkaraa.com, an operationally ‘Make In India’ product, with the US established roots, to carve an unparalleled niche in the large market of Indian ethnic wear NRI shoppers abroad. Especially those Indians missing their country, who are searching for their ‘Mitti ki Khushboo (fragrance of their soil)’ in the rich heritage, centuries-old traditions, and cultural attire.

Ms. Sumeer Kaur, Founder/Director Lashkaraa Inc. explains, “Our largest consumer base is Indians based out of the United States, Canada, UK, and, the Middle East. When it’s time for wedding shopping, the bride/groom and/or their families usually visited India to complete shopping for the wedding trousseau. The biggest change we’ve witnessed so far due to the pandemic lockdowns was that couples came online to complete their wedding trousseau shopping. This led to our largest increase in custom bridal orders to date. So we have enriched our user experience by providing increased variety and have empowered them with an unmatched ability to custom design their wedding outfits from the comfort of their home! Not only did we give the ease of selection, but we focused on customization with quality, keeping in mind friendly pricing for these exclusive designs. I truly believe more and more couples will opt for their wedding outfits online from here on, and why not?”

Lashkaraa.com is positioned as an affordable luxury brand that provides discerning consumers in-house exclusive designs of high quality at affordable pricing with quick, safe deliveries. The company deciphered that their new, as well as loyal customers, are purchasing higher-priced, quality outfits compared to pre-pandemic when customers would just try buying multiple lower-priced outfits. They are also becoming creative with the way they re-wear an outfit, and they purchase separate dupattas/blouses so they can style that same outfit as a new look to another event with a simple but happy change. This has led to the increase in mix-n-match pieces under custom orders. For example, in bridesmaid outfits’ customization, a $200 lehenga is being offered with a $60 blouse, and so a bridesmaid can later buy many blouses at a lower cost to pair with the existing expensive lehenga.

Also, the brand launches 3-4 new collections every month as compared to the same in 2 months, pre-pandemic. So there is much more on offer every time you visit the website. One must check out the complete design overhaul of the current Lashkaraa.com website, which is LIVE with various new designs and exciting offers.

With a unique blend of vintage and new-age, occasion-based or ceremonial wear and an ever-increasing range from Sarees, Salwar Suits, Anarkali Suits, Punjabi Suits, Churidar Suits, Palazzo Style, High Slit, Gown Anarkalis, Lehenga Cholis, Kurtis, etc. available in a wide variety of fabrics like Cotton, Cotton Blend, Silk, Tussar Silk, Net, Georgette, as well as covering elaborate but elegant work including but not limited to zari, beads, stone-works, thread-works, or other motifs for your every need, Lashkaraa.com is set to become one of the most trusted, easy to use and loved online ethnic wear shopping store for South Asian garments in the world.

Ms. Kaur concludes with confidence, “The aim is to leave a global imprint and to be accessible to both, a discerning woman or man in a small town in any part of the world or a fashionista in a fashion capital like NYC, Toronto, Milan, London or Tokyo. They should be able to shop for Indian clothes online in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Mauritius, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and any other country. We already have a happy client base across more than 50 countries and will keep increasing our reach.”

So, if you have family or friends getting married outside India, then it is time to share this exciting news with them and introduce them to Lashkaraa, the ultimate Indian ethnic wear online shopping destination. Help make their Indian wedding wear online shopping experience easy and worthwhile so as to quickly order a complete wardrobe with many fantastic new traditional Indian attires. Get access now to all the authentic yet stylish pieces of clothing that have been custom-designed, keeping traditional roots and heritage intact at https://www.lashkaraa.com/



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