Now You Can Find Love While You’re Catching Pokémon Using The Dating App – PokéDates

Pokémon Go lovers! It’s time to relish, for you have got yourself another perfect invention

If you haven’t been living under a rock, the news of Pokémon Go taking over the world would be pretty familiar to your ears.  Hence, you can’t say you didn’t see a Pokémon Go dating service coming. Because, I sure did.

Only this Wednesday, the world’s first Pokémon Go based dating app was released in the US. Brainchild of an already popular dating service called Project Fixup, the app aims to pair people on the basis similar interests determined by answering a few personal questions about themselves and what they look for in their “PokéMate”.

After answering those questions, your “PokéProfile” would be generated. Then all you have to do is simply update your schedule for a meeting. The PokéDates people will then send you a confirmation email regarding the place and time and, Voila! You’ve got yourself a date.

On your date you could catch Pokémon together, go hiking together or just simply sip a delightful cup of coffee, choice is yours.

The app only has one shortcoming. Although, your first arrangement for a date via PokéDates is absolutely free of cost, it’ll charge you $20 each time after that. They did give a little resolve to this problem by the means of referring. The more friends join PokéDates because of you, the more free dates you’ll end up earning.

While the idea of this dating service is a pure marketing gimmick, it is catching on widely in the States.  Soon it’ll make its to the global market and would be available to people all over the world.

2016! What a great time to be alive for Pokémon lovers. They got themselves an augmented reality Pokémon game and now a Pokémon based dating app. I’m pretty sure they’ll be going like this every day: “Pokémon or dates! We gotta catch em’ all!”.

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