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Nokia’s Meteoric Fall


Incorporated in 1871.. although the brand came in some 1990’s to India. It was a household name for us as anyone could have afforded the phone having variants in low prices, good features and different colors. Nokia had a share of at least a 84% in 2000.

Obviously, change is inevitable. Other Companies started to pick from where Nokia left and went to create distinct models. Nokia couldn’t be left behind. In order to sustain their market share over the years, they altered their company objectives and standards to create more advanced phones. All of this had ultimately led to a Cold Mobile War among Phone Companies today.

Even though Nokia was losing in the high end model fight with others, it had a strong hold on the lower end models as mass populations were still very happy with a Rs.1000 phone which would just help them to call , message and play games. Nokia never did think of innovation you see. It thought of matching others in the late 2000’s. And then Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry and Apple came in with breakthrough performances year over year to slowly kill Nokia and its market share. Not only that, Cheap, worth the price, and advanced Chinese models were there as a strong competition to Nokia’s low end model range. Today, the company is struggling to sell its most advanced phone – Nokia Lumia, in any market.

What it needs to do is understand the customer very well and come up with something that will at least stay there in the market for 2 years. Its need to come at a point where it can make companies like Apple think what it’s next move will be. The years that have gone we have seen a meteoric rise and fall of Nokia, and I hope that I will see a heroic rise of Nokia amidst growing competition, path breaking technology, satisfying features and competitive prices.

In the End , All I would like to conclude is that today we stand at such a point of technology where the Company who started the concept of phones is on the verge of dying. So, I can see Apple And Samsung fade out in another 10 years as we might just witness another Steve Jobs coming up.



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