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ED Forecasts Technology 2012


Well this year has been quite eventful being steve jobs death, nokia crumbing in the market, apple coming as the market leader etc. According to us…You deserve to be awarded with better technology and thats why we tell you what all of you should expect in 2012. Here are 12 things that will trend in 2012:

Object Recognition:
High-end devices have an increased sensor and processing capability that enable sophisticated applications to recognize the user’s surroundings, including specific objects of interest. Because OR provides an easy-to-use interface, more apps will come to the market with enhanced capabilities by 2012. Users will rely on the camera, as well as other device sensors as a communication tool when OR capabilities are combined with more-traditional app functions, giving users advanced search capabilities and a plethora of entertainment and productivity functionality.

Microsoft to launch Windows 8:

It’s been in development forever and is said to be scheduled for rollout by the third quarter of 2012. Besides upgrading PCs and laptops, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said it also will be targeted for the tablet market. Could Microsoft speed up delivery? Answers may come at the January Consumer Electronics Show.

IBM to become Richest Tech Company:
Strictly by revenue, there’s a good chance IBM may recapture the biggest annual revenue crown from Hewlett-Packard. For its year ended Oct. 31, HP reported annual revenue of $127.4 billion, while IBM for the nine months ended Sept. 30 reported revenue of $77.4 billion.

Cloud Is The Way:
Cloud Computing will be the next big thing in this sphere as we will see most of the OS Crashing and Apple Leading the Way in this new technology. 

Social Media
Internet / Twitter / Facebook will revolutionise Poitics And Affairs Of The Countries…Social media already helped the Tea Party movement and Occupy Wall Street in the U.S., as well as democratic activists in the continuing “Arab spring” in the Middle East and Russian activists.

RIM Grims:

The BlackBerry maker looked increasingly out of its depth through 2011 as the mobile computing revolution was advanced by Apple, Google and Microsoft. RIM lacks the enormous cash reserves of those rivals, its smartphones are dated (with updates disastrously delayed), its tablet is a debacle and its market share is plummeting. The spike in RIM’s low share price when it was revealed that Amazon had toyed with an acquisition shows that in 2012 the firm will be a major target. The outlook if RIM tries to turn things around on its own, as its executives say it will, is grim.

Google + Breaking Records:
Google + will reach 100 million users, which Facebook took 1665 days to do …Even though the Facebook IPO is making rounds these days.. Larry and Sergey are leaving no stone unturned to increase traffic on their social network.

You View:
Next year YouView, the long-awaited internet connected TV set top box from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, BT, Arqiva, and TalkTalk, is finally expected to make its much overdue debut.
It had been billed to launch in 2010, but has been best with delays due to technical glitches. This will give a tough competition to Apple TV.

Apple TV :
Rumour has it Apple will launch a television set in 2012 called th Apple TV. Making predictions about what Apple is planning is a risky business but here goes: I think we’ll see an Apple TV set with content delivered as iOS-style apps. Also you might be surprised to find iCloud, Siri and many other famous apps. It will something advanced than other TV’s and they may also come up with different variants like LED LCD OLED etc..

Ipad 3:

Ipad 3 might be launched on the birthday of steve jobs… what a man he was !!!…. It will have features which might just surprise the technology market. Moreover Apple might upgrade the technology of Ipad And Ipad 2 so that the sales are not affected of these company models.

OLED Screens:

Samsung to launch world’s largest OLED Screen i.e 55″ Inch CES 2012

Mobile Commerce:
Today, mobile commerce is more of an extension of e-commerce but in a smaller form factor and with a more-streamlined experience. However, over the next 24 months, Analysts expects the emergence of uniquely mobile functions, such as the ability to “check in” to a store to alert a retailer that you are there, or the ability to add items to a shopping cart simply by taking a photo of an item or bar code in the physical store.

Location Based Services:

Location is one of the main enablers that deliver services to users based on their context and, Gartner expects the total user base of consumer location-based services to reach 1.4 billion users by 2014. Location-based services strive to deliver features and functionalities in tune with the user’s context, taking into account the user’s location, personal preference, gender, age, profession, intention and so on, thus offering a more-intelligent user experience than basic location services can. Gartner analysts believe context-aware services are a key trend for mobile apps, and location is a key enabler of that.

(Contributions By Dhairya Kumar And Rishabh Agarwal)


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