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Our Pets, Cats & Dogs Thank Delhi For A #NoiseFreeDiwali : A Picture Story


Diwali is a time for celebration and joy. But it can be a very traumatic time for all the animals! Pets and strays are frightened by the fireworks and are highly sensitive and allergic to the accompanying smoke.

In a lot of cases, scared pet animals run out of their homes, never to be reunited with their owners.

This Diwali we did see the requests of these awesome cuties heard by you all and Delhi had a somewhat #NoiseFreeDiwali.

Check out their voices here:


Meet Bruno. Last Diwali, when he was standing in his balcony, a firework came flying and blew off near his ear. This year, he must have been a little happy. 


Meet Napolean. He requested you all for a noise free Diwali and is thankful finally. 


Meet Meredith. She used to get all the sleepless nights because of people bursting crackers. Now she is better. 


Meet Bob. Your crackers frightened him last time. Not this time. 


Meet Kaira. She’s an infant. She is extremely vulnerable to loud noise created by firecrackers and its impact is too much to deal with. Bless you for not making her go through it. 


Meet Haider. Your loud crackers almost deafened him each year. He is grateful this year. 


Meet Nawab. You can see clearly how fearful he looks. He is planning to come out of his hide this time. 


Meet Bongo. He’s planned to personally bite those who tie crackers on the tails of stray dogs. But he didn’t have to. 

Research has proven that many stray animals have got hearing impairments because of all the crackers you have burst. A cat or a dog which is exposed to a cracker can endure a long-lasting trauma. Let’s respect them. They too have souls.

Thank you for making this Diwali beautiful for both.




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