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Learn How To Wrap Gifts For Different Types of People: Artists/Geeks/Classy Ones/Senti Ones Etc.


With the festive season having set in with all its zest and gaiety, gifts are an indispensable part of the celebration.

Besides the lousy gift ideas and unscrupulously recycling last year’s gifts, we need to do away with the really drab packing styles.

Here, we have some insanely creative, simple and cheap packing ideas to complement each personality type in your family gang. 

FOR THE ARTIST: Splash colour here and sprinkle water there and let your creative juices flow. If you have a knack for art, then this is going to be your favourite wrapping hack. Play colours on a white or coloured paper and use them to pack gifts. It will not only cost you a dime but also be one of your loved one’s values possessions. You will love to see your gift stand out among the usual glossy wrapping sheets.


FOR THE HIPSTER: For the non-conformist oddball in your family, we have wrapped the gift in a jute bag with a hat, glasses, moustache, and camera. So, if vintage is their staple style and mainstream doesn’t define well, gift-packing for them only calls for collecting stuff from around the house.


FOR THE SUPERHERO FANATIC: Their world revolves around Batman and Ironman and you just don’t understand why. But they have done nothing to deserve any less so let’s pack in their style. Add cool, quirky gift tags and enjoy them hero-worshipping you.


FOR THE ENVIRONMENTALIST: There is inevitably that one person who won’t let you waste paper and cry over global warming. So, here are techniques to make them happier and stay greener.
Use scrap paper or pages from an old book, magazines to cover the presents. Cut out feathers or use old feather earrings, add a gold or silver tip to add a little glam to it. This simple DIY will give your gift an incredibly beautiful look.
To keep it more minimalist, make small paper bags from old newspaper and decorate it with cloth pieces to carry precious gifts or goodies.


FOR THE TRAVELLER: Use maps to enthral the travel buffs in your gang. Isn’t this the cheapest and most creative wrapping style to celebrate the person they are? Attach messages to the gift and give them their world.


FOR THE CRAFTY ONE: It’s time to pray for ingenuity and skill to impress the crafty person of the gang. Use a white or pastel coloured paper to wrap the gift and dress it in pretty cut- outs with your short messages or wishes on top. Another winning idea is to pack in black paper and doodle with a white pen to make creative wrapping sheets.


FOR THE CLASSY ONE: Pastel colours go a long way in winning over people with a classy taste. The elegance and subtlety need to be reflected in the packing. Keep it simple and subtle. Bows and ribbons can be used to enhance the look.


FOR THE GEEK: Be it a comic addict or a video game junkie, a Potterhead or a Star Wars freak, this is the best opportunity to honour their commitment. There are a plethora of cool ideas to play with to prepare that perfect gift.



FOR THE SENTIMENTAL ONE: Spot the one who cries the most! Print your favourite photos or handful of the most cherished memories and use it to wrap the gift for a special one. Stumped? Well, hurry because this can be someone’s favourite gift.

Amidst the bout, let’s not forget to celebrate the persons we are. Gift more sensibly and make it matter.

Picture Credits: Pinterest

Anshika Sabhani
Anshika Sabhani
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