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Mumbai To Establish ‘No Selfie Zones’ All Around the City


By Kabir Chaudhary

Selfie or self-portrait has become so popular around the world that you can see individuals in every nook clicking away their photos like anything. Some people are even addicted to it to a level that they click ten’s of photos of themselves every hour. The art of selfie has become so famous that it was inducted in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013. But in the eyes of Mumbai police, it has become a dangerous activity since it was the root cause of death of 2 persons.


What is Mumbai police Planning?

The Mumbai police is establishing 16 no-selfie zones in the city in an effort to control the rise of selfie-related accidents. Mumbai police is imposing a ban on areas where there is lack of proper railing or any safety barrier. They are also surveying other such areas in the city where the ‘no-selfie zones’ can be established. It is believed that city-wide public awareness campaign will also take place, to focus on hazards of clicking selfies in and around places of danger.

After the areas have been identified Mumbai police will take the help of the Brihanmumbai municipal corporation (BMC) in creating awareness and implementing the ban in the city.

A fine of rupees 12,000 on the violation of the ban!

Selfie has become an annoying trend now claiming lives of individuals. This trend has to stop and people should realise and be rational that clicking photos in places will put your life in danger. Like Mumbai police, other metropolitan cities should too follow their lead and identify such areas to impose a ban.

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