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Golden Raspberry Awards— The Ultimate Spin-off Of The Oscars


By Kabir Chaudhary

The Razzies aka Golden Raspberry Awards , is the ceremony which recognises the ‘worst in films’ in Hollywood. It began as an impromptu event at John Wilson’s living room and now has become one of the biggest award ceremonies and has major press coverage. It is organised just a day before the Academy Awards. Famous celebrities like Bill Cosby, Paul Verhoeven and J. David Shapiro have attended the event and accepted their respective awards.

How Was It Introduced?

The Razzies was founded by American copywriter and publicist, John J. B. Wilson in 1980. The idea came to him during a ‘potluck party’ with his friends. After the 1981 Academy Awards, John invited his fellow companions and unsystematically asked them to give award presentation in his living room. Apparently, he thought we should also appreciate what the worst, the film industry can offer.

After the success of this unscripted ceremony and a story on this in media was done, John decided to formalise it into an event. We appreciate your efforts, sir! These people should know the torture they inflict on us with these movies.


The ceremony is usually taken place a day before the main Academy Awards and is a copy of the latter but in a ‘cheap and comical’ way.



Let me also take this opportunity to congratulate the lucky (or maybe not) winners of the 36th Razzies. Here it goes:

  1. This year Jaime Dornan bagged the Worst Actor award and Worst Screen Combo for his role in the most sensual movie ever made, 50 Shades Of Grey. Johnny Depp and Channing Tatum were also nominated !!!!
  2. The Worst Actress award was given to Dakota Johnson, also for 50 Shades. She also won Worst Screen Combo.
  3. Eddie Redmayne was named as the Worst Supporting Actor for his role in the American-Australian space opera, Jupiter Ascending.
  4. On the other hand, Kaley Cuoco, was awarded the Worst Supporting Actress for two movies.
  5. The Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel Award was given to Fantastic Four.
  6. Josh Trank was awarded as the Worst Director while his film Fantastic Four being the winner of Worst Picture.
  7. Kelly Marcel bagged the Worst screenplay Award for her contributions in the film, 50 Shades Of Grey.
  8. This year, The Razzie Redeemer Award was won by Sylvester Stallone.

Wilson has certainly found a great way to commend and appreciate the talents of such artists. Clearly, it has helped actor Dornan and many before him, not loose hope in acting as a career, also that, these guys now know that they do also have fan following, not only one but several countries. Thanks to the Golden Raspberry Foundations.

It is nice to know that humour is not dead in the world.

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