Have you ever looked at a picture of a celebrity or an influencer, and noticed that even the looks they claim to be natural are just too perfect to be true? 

Not a hair out of place, perfect lashes, and straight, even teeth- looks like they won the genetic lottery, right? 


Fake Natural Beauty

No one is physically perfect, although some online personalities would like to appear that way. 

Here are the different ways people alter their bodies to appear “naturally” perfect. 

Let’s start from the top:


Naturally long, thick, non-frizzy, healthy hair that looks perfect even when you wake up? It’s probably a lace front wig, weave, or extensions. 


Not everyone is naturally blessed with the lush, thick brows that are in fashion now. Here’s where microblading comes in- it basically involves tattooing over your natural eyebrows to make them look thicker and darker, with more permanent effects than makeup. 


Some of us have slightly sparse eyelashes that are enhanced with mascara. However, false lashes and eyelash curlers are another way people enhance their natural lashes. 

Nose, cheekbones, lips, chin

How do some celebs have perfect features- pert nose, prominent cheekbones, and full lips- without seeming to wear a scrap of makeup? The answer: fillers. These injectables can be used to alter facial features to your liking, and need touching up once in a while. 

Beautiful lips of young woman. Before and after lips filler injections. Fillers concept.

There’s also a new trend of tattoo lipstick, where a shade of pink or something similar to the subject’s natural lip colour is tattooed on, to subtly enhance their appearance sans makeup. 

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Despite wearing braces, many of us do have small imperfections in our smiles. Our teeth may not be perfectly white, or a few small gaps may remain. 

Many celebrities these days apply veneers that cover their natural teeth, and give the appearance of a toothpaste ad-like smile. 


As someone with really tiny nails that don’t look good when I try to grow them, I was always jealous of those with long, perfectly shaped nails. 

While some are blessed with naturally long nail beds, others use acrylic press-ons that can be painted and styled like natural nails, with a more sophisticated finish. 


No one is born with a perfect body. That’s where breast and butt implants come in, giving people that perfect hourglass shape. 

So, here’s how “natural” those coveted no-makeup looks are! 

While some are honest about taking help to enhance their looks (Ariana Grande makes no bones about the fact that she uses extensions on her famous ponytail), others prefer to deny it. 

However, the truth is that it takes a village to make most celebrities and Insta influencers look as perfect as they do, and we normal folk would do better to know the reality behind their no-makeup looks. 

Let’s be “woke” about these truths, and not get carried away by the physical perfection of celebrities, and end up doubting our own flawsome (flawed, but awesome) looks.

Image Credits: Google Images

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