Most youngsters must have tried a dating app, be it Tinder or Bumble, once in their life. Some people try to find love on these applications while some just want one night of action. 

Both men and women have been in weird, uncomfortable situations on dating apps but it would be safe to say that women face them a lot more than men.

Samantha Rothenberg, an artist from the United States, recently went viral on social media, especially Instagram when she talked about men crudely asking women for corona hook-ups and dates. She supported her claims with screenshots of conversations. However, in order to maintain the privacy of the guys, she chose not to show their names or profiles.

Samantha is a famous illustrator and artist. Her quirky comics whereby she shows f***boy behaviour of men are widely praised and loved.

This time she asked other women to share their experiences of men asking for hooking up despite the lockdown/social distancing. Various women shared their stories with Samantha which were further shared by her in her Instagram stories.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Samantha acted intelligently and sensitively. Rather than individually calling out those men who asked for “Corona Hook-ups”, she launched a campaign against dating apps to hold them accountable. 

She has started a petition on and so far it has received widespread support. Samantha believes that the accountability of dating sites is not only with context to the comfort of women. It goes beyond that.

According to her, these instances may hamper enforcement of quarantine and social distancing and it is upon the dating sites to ensure that such incidences are not overlooked.

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This is the case of US, however, the situation in India is no different. Since the lockdown has been extended for a further period of 21 days, exes and long-lost friends are messaging women out of nowhere for hook-ups, completely disregarding the government guidelines.

Here are certain images that were shared by Samantha on her Instagram account: @violetclair.

“Some Chill” can be injurious to health!

Making-out during corona? Bad idea!

And some more men…

Her campaign has received support from Bumble and Hinge which is now advising its members to have dates virtually. Tinder, on the other hand, is spreading awareness about Covid 2019 but hasn’t explicitly advised its members not to meet in person.

For more such scary behaviour of weirdos, you can visit her Instagram account @violetclair

And here’s a major shoutout to Samantha for doing such an amazing thing.

Image Source: Google Images, @violetclair

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