It is uncommon for housing societies or their resident associations to put out certain rules and regulations for their residents.

These could include a number of things like water usage, issues related to parking, neighbours, and many others, but it was interesting to see when a residents’ welfare association (RWA) of a Greater Noida society put out rules on residents not wearing ‘lungis and nighties’.

It is not often that you see societies actually put down dress codes or bar certain outfits beyond just a casual look.

What Was The Notice?

A notice meant for the residents of f Himsagar Apartment of Greater Noida’s Phi 2 started going viral on Tuesday.

The “Dress code for walking in the premises of the society” circular dated June 10 caught the eye of some people due to one section in which it said

“It is expected from all of you that whenever you roam in the society at any time, you should pay special attention to your conduct and dress so that you do not give any chance to someone to object to your behaviour. Even your daughters and sons learn from you. Therefore, everyone is requested not to roam around wearing lungi and nighty (sic), which are home wear”.

This actually then sparked criticism from other residents not just of that society, but various other ones too with them claiming that the RWA was trying to control the personal choices of the people and how that wasn’t right.

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However, CK Kalra, RWA president explained that the reason the circular was being sent out was because they’d received complaints from some women residents themselves.

He said “A few days ago, some women complained to us about a senior citizen practising yoga in the park wearing a loose cloth (lungi). We first tried to request people verbally, then our association decided to put it up in the form of a circular.”

Devender Tiger, president of Federation of RWAs in Greater Noida, called out this rule saying “A residential society is not an educational institution that it needs a dress code.”

But it seems that while others had an issue with the circular, the actual residents of the society did not.

As per Hindustan Times, Rukmani Singh, a resident of the society. said that “It is not like the RWA is imposing a fine for not complying with the dress code. I personally have never seen any of the residents roaming the premises in a lungi or nightie. Here people are more disciplined as there are several retired defence personnel living here.”

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