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Nita Ambani IOC Member: Let’s Hope It’s Not Another Disappointment


Nita Ambani is known for many things, wife of Mukesh Ambani, founder and chairperson of the Reliance Foundation, owner of the popular IPL team Mumbai Indians and being a prominent personality within the sports and cultural arts arena.

But now, we can add another tag to her, that of being the first Indian woman to be elected in the International Olympic Committee.


Yesterday, that is on the 5th August 2016, Thursday, Mrs. Ambani was officially elected to become a member of the IOC.

A known face among, Mrs. Ambani has for quite a while now shown great support and enthusiasm towards sports and arts and cultural activities. One of the things that greatly elevated her name was due to her creating the Indian Super League which was largely focused on football, a sport that was till a few years back not that known in India.

And she succeeded in her efforts to popularize another sport apart from Cricket and that too in India of all the places, where for some, Cricket is almost akin to a religion.

To be honest, I have only seen Nita Ambani at the IPL matches or a photograph of her at various charity functions. But I do believe that this position that she has achieved, is a major success to not just her as an individual, but to the entire country.

While reading about this news, I have come across the fact that Mrs. Ambani has been involved a lot of grassroots level programs that, encourage students to participate in such extra-curricular activities.


India has for many decades only recognised Cricket has a major sport, but slowly and gradually that is changing. With more coverage given to sports like football, kabaddi and even wrestling, people are finally coming to the realisation that there are sports apart from Cricket.

And it is refreshing to see that she is using her wealth and name to promote the benefits that such activities have when India as a country places such heavy importance on just classroom education.

Two points that jump out to me from all the information is that she will hold the position until the age of 70 and that she is the first Indian woman to have become a member of IOC.

It is also to be noted that, she might not have gotten this position just because of her name, what with the new policy that the Olympic Committee is using to recruit members based solely on merit and then being elected by the current IOC members.

I sign off this article on a hopeful note that, Mrs. Ambani will actually do something good with her new position and bring some changes to the sports area of the country.

Not to be too judgmental, I believe we can give her one chance to prove us all wrong and that she truly is worthy of her position.

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