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Harley Quinn Saved Suicide Squad From Being The Next BatmanVsSuperman: ED Review


In a world of DC versus Marvel, Suicide Squad was one of those movies which had gained more footage (and undying hope) than any of the comic movies released or to be released in 2016.

The movie was cleverly portrayed but failed to satisfy the audience with its not-so-understandable story-line. I would try to give a spoiler-free review, so bear with me.

The first half was so focused upon the introduction of characters that the Interval seemed to come far too early. As you must have already figured out by the trailer(s), the movie revolves around a bunch of criminals who have extraordinary powers and are made to fight for the government for some good reasons, such as “What if the next superman is a terrorist?”

The Cast

The squad consists of Deadshot, who is a serial killer and never misses any shot, just like Avenger’s Hawkeye.


Harley Quinn, who is a psychiatrist turned psychopath lover. Her chief weapon is a baseball bat which did not break even after beating hundreds.


Killer Croc, who is never not-furious. He had a complexion of Hulk but the face of that ugly Fantastic Four character.


Diablo, who much like the game of the same name has fire issues. He had powers similar to that fantastic four character who deals with fire.


Captain Boomerang, who… nevermind, you can guess his power.


Katana, who is not a criminal and she makes it very very obvious by her sword skills.


Joker was not a part of Suicide Squad but was nevertheless a part of the love story which did not end because happy endings are not a thing in Hollywood.


Except Deadshot and Quinn, hardly the other 4 members mattered to anyone, not even to the director. The best dialogues were saved for them, best background story and best introduction. It seemed like the director focused so much on the tattoos & VFX that he forgot to hire a good writer. (Fun Fact: Director was the writer himself)

Why you should watch it (Woohs)

  • Background Music: It was batshit crazy. Each scene was utilized with a song which made sense, totally. If I were to imagine Suicide Squad without background music, I would name it Batman Vs Superman
  • A bucket full of laughter: Humor was all that made this movie better than any superhero movie released this year. Falling in love with Harley Quinn is easier than ever. The story wouldn’t make much sense to you but the sarcasm will keep you awake.
  • Acting: Apart from Amanda Waller who was a part time God and full-time head of Suicide Squad, each actor had performed greatly, efficiently and elegantly.

Why you should avoid it (Mehs)

  • The story doesn’t make much sense: Apart from the intro of all badasses (which consumed the entire first half), the other part where they fight without even knowing what they are fighting for and who they are fighting is not entertainment.
  • The Ending: There is hardly any movie where happy endings are not worth a discussion. Here, everybody, apart from plenty of professionally trained soldiers, is alive. For Christ’s sake, the witch returned to life only for the love story. And yes, there was a witch. Looks like the director was high on Bollywood.
  • Specified Focus: Halfway into the movie, it seemed like any other X-men movie where they hunt mutants. But unlike X-men, it focuses on only two characters: Harley Quinn and the witch (who was probably doing a belly dance in the middle of nowhere).

What Saved This Movie From Being The Next Batman Vs Superman

It was Harley Quinn’s wit, humor, and sarcasm that saved this movie from being another failure of which Ben Affleck was a part of. Also, the frequent fight scenes were a good attempt to keep people away from recognizing potholes. Too much lesson for Zack Snyder to learn.

After a series of disappointments, Suicide Squad ends up being one of them too. Trailers made far more sense than the plot of the movie. I hate to say this but the “TRAILER WAS FAR BETTER THAN THE MOVIE”. Here, I said it finally.


I would suggest you to watch this movie only for Harley Quinn. Period.

I give this movie 3.5 stars.


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Prateek Gupta
Law student who cares and writes.



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