September 22: Even in the midst of a hectic and competitive profession, hearing the story of a person who dispenses his time, resources and efforts for the well-being of the people around him is indeed a whiff of fresh air. And such tales are hard to come across. But this example of Nishant S Mehta, a decorated Chartered Accountant, who many distinctions and accomplishments to his name, chooses to keep them on the mellow and spend more time doing his bit for the community.

Mehta is making his mark felt as a respected CA, a mentor to startups, a financial advisor in the film industry, a record holder, and, ultimately, a philanthropist whose key efforts have become a helping hand for many during the COVID-19 pandemic. He kickstarted the India Fights Corona initiative during the second wave of the pandemic in India. Along with Megha Sharma, Mehta leads the task force that has been functioning with over 180 frontline workers to help those who require medical facilities, amenities and other health-related services. 

Nishant S Mehta has a certain record to his name- by securing a Masters in subjects like Law and Business Administration; he bagged a record of the youngest Indian to achieve 3 Master’s degrees, all of them at the age of 31 years and six months. The record is a testament of his ambitious zeal, his drive to learn and acquire more knowledge and expertise in fields that are fast evolving.

In the business domain, Nishant and his company is currently involved in mentoring startups to function efficiently and reap profits. Nishant acknowledged the struggles he faced while trying to make it big in the business world and used those aspects to guide the start-ups to achieve feats in an ecosystem filled with aspiring and competitive businesses. Among the enterprises, Mehta mentors are a travel networking start-up, a fashion aggregator and an up-and-coming social media company. Mehta guides these start-ups to become a formidable presence in a highly competitive industry.

It might be in the social work scene that Nishant Mehta is making his presence more felt. He is actively involved in organisations that try to prevent domestic and sexual violence and initiate efforts dedicated to women and child empowerment. His efforts have hugely helped these organisations to efficiently manage their resources, financial and physical, into working more sincerely and committedly to these noble causes. 

One of his recent endeavours is the India Fights Corona initiative, a task force that is currently collecting data related to the health infrastructure available to combat the contagious and deadly pandemic and to make these facilities more accessible to those who are in dire need of them. Having kickstarted the initiative during the second wave of the pandemic, IFC has been of help to over five lakh families, helping them acquire services like oxygen cylinders, RTPCR testing, on-call doctors, ICU beds, and the like. After its highly efficient first phase, the second face of India Fights Corona is all set to work on crucial aspects like vaccination, medicines, blood donations, fund-raising for the needy etc. 

By doing and accomplishing so much in both the professional and social circles, Nishant S Mehta’s contributions have been recognised by many organisations and publications. He was included in the list of Indian Achievers Club- 50 under 50, along with other notable accolades. Mehta currently heads the Nishant Mehta and Co., a company of chartered accountants, which functions in the domain of financial management, advice and business strategies.

India looks forward to more contributions from Nishant Mehta, both from his professional works and philanthropic assistance.



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