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Nick Rose Ntertsas and his team bring innovation in the blockchain industry with the launch of ETHERNITY


Written by Magdalena Munao 

With the rise of financial technology, cryptocurrency has remained the topic of conversation across the finance industry. And as many fintech pundits predict the crypto market’s second spike, the use and versatility of cryptocurrency continues to grow exponentially. As an early investor in Bitcoin, Nick Rose Ntertsas, has recently been heavily involved with the development of a unique up-and-coming blockchain application—NFT’s, or non-fungible tokens.  

Much like cryptocurrency, these tokens can be purchased and traded, but instead of holding monetary value, they carry a different type of value. An NFT is often an asset that can vary from something like digital art, digital collectibles, or an in-game item. As the first of its kind, NFT’s are on their way to revolutionizing industries like finance, technology, and art.  

While he is more popularly known as the environmentalist behind various philanthropic causes, one being the movement to contain and extinguish the 2019 wildfires in South America across the Amazon rainforest, Nick Rose has managed to fuse his passion for the charitable work with his background in financial technology with the creation of Ethernity. The Ethernity team also includes hospitality investor Will Makris and previous Head of Partnerships for Muzik, Marko Gojanovic. As a blockchain technology company, Ethernity will be one of the first of its kind, functioning as a platform where celebrities, artists, athletes, prominent figures in pop culture, technology, politics and art can put exclusive, collectable cards as NFT’s up for auction.  

All proceeds will go directly to the celebrity’s respective charity based on the causes and foundations they support. On the cusp of a new frontier, connecting finance, art and technology, Nick Rose’s Ethernity will be a revolutionary force across the digital space, facilitating both philanthropy and community via a blockchain platform. Just in the last month, the spotlight on digital art auctions has been magnified in the media as Christie’s auction house announced the sale of a digital portrait of the Bitcoin code for more than $130,000. As digital art continues to remain a trending topic in the traditional art world and fintech space, Rose’s Ethernity is currently positioned for success amid the evolution of these merging industries. 

To learn more about Nick Rose and the launch of Ethernity slated to debut later this month, check Rose’s Instagram for updates.

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