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NGK Global Launch Conference Ended Successfully


On November 25, 2020, California time, the NGK Global Launch Conference ended successfully in San Francisco, USA. This conference kicked off the official launch of NGK worldwide.

More than a hundred guests were invited to attend this NGK Global Launch Conference, including the founder of NGK, Chairman of Investment Council of UICI Group, and CEO TYLER ADAMS BRADBERRY; the Legal Consultant of UICI Group, MILA FLETCHER; Fund Pre-Review Manager, JULLIAN MURPHY; Investment Approval Officer, SHON WEBB; Chief Financial Officer (CFO), HANNAH WHITE; and Chief Risk Officer (CRO), KYLE TEDFORD. In addition, the representatives of NGK Spirit Stone team, NGK eight major sectors, NGK North American market leaders, Asian market leaders, European market leaders, as well as the representatives of Columbia University, SBS, Silicon Valley Interconnected Finance Group participated in this launch conference.

The founder of NGK, TYLER ADAMS BRADBERRY first delivered a speech. He believed that blockchain technology can completely change people’s lives. As the world’s leading blockchain platform, NGK blockchain has always put its business needs first. He hopes that NGK can promote the blockchain technology and realize the true value of blockchain 3.0.

Next, HANNAH WHITE, the CFO of UICI Group explained the NGK model system. Then, JULLIAN MURPHY, the fund pre-review manager of UICI Group also expressed her views on the NGK blockchain. She believes that NGK blockchain has the potential to become the pioneer of “blockchain 4.0” and the king of future commercial applications.

Next, the two representatives of NGK Spirit Stone team, STEPHEN LITAN and CLIFTON GILLEY, gave a detailed explanation on the NGK’s technology. They stated that NGK has achieved seven main technological innovations, including the anti-quantum attack cryptographic algorithm, original anonymous P2P communication network, independent virtual machine architecture, simplified application construction technology, graphene technology, and cross-chain technology. In addition, NGK has been actively exploring the implementation of heterogeneous cross-chain. It has proposed a heterogeneous cross-chain model, which enables NGK to have the characteristics of high scalability, high privacy protection, high data security and strong compatibility. With that, DAPHNE PATEL, as the vice president of technology of the NGK Spirit Stone team, explained the basic functions and operation methods of NGK APP.

Later, the representatives of NGK eight major sectors also delivered their speeches respectively. They are ANGELINA WHITE, the representative of new energy industry – Captain Technology; SAMANTHA CARTER, the representative of real estate industry – PAUL ADAMS ARCHITECT; LOGAN WALKER, the representative of healthcare industry – Techme Biotechnology; and Abigail Edwards, the representative of sports industry – A Private Company. They explained the disruptive impacts of using NGK blockchain technology on the new energy, real estate, healthcare and sports industries.

Next, Ben Marriot, the representative of the Columbia University; Genoveva, the representative of SBC; and Jennifer Garcia, the representative of Silicon Valley Interconnected Finance Group also expressed their opinions on NGK. Ben Marriot believes that the NGK blockchain understands how to implement the blockchain application, while Genoveva believes that the NGK blockchain will inevitably implement the application of blockchain technology. On the other hand, Jennifer Garcia explained to everyone what exactly digital economy is. She believes that NGK can make full use of global business data and embed various applications in the ecological chain step by step, forming a global NGK digital asset ecological community with the digital finance as the core.

Next, the representative of NGK’s North American market leader, Matthew Howard; representative of NGK’s Asian market leader, Richardson George; and representative of NGK’s European market leader, Sander Jacob also shared their experience in the community promotion of North America, Asia and Europe, as well as their opinions on NGK. They expressed their confidence in NGK’s future performance.

After the speech, NGK has set a Q&A session for the media reporters and participants. The Q&A session was answered by the five main figures, TYLER ADAMS BRADBERRY, HANNAH WHITE, KYLE TEDFORD, STEPHEN LITAN, and DAPHNE PATEL.

Next, the CRO of UICI Group, KYLE TEDFORD gave a speech and shared NGK’s plans in the next two years. In addition to technological innovation, NGK also has a clear development direction. NGK is a token economic chain based on the blockchain business and financial industries, forming a global token network by integrating the blockchain commercial application ecosystem. In the future, NGK aims to promote the integration of the blockchain industry and modern commercial finance with its technical strength, to subvert the traditional industrial chain and business form.

Lastly, TYLER ADAMS BRADBERRY, HANNAH WHITE, KYLE TEDFORD, STEPHEN LITAN, and DAPHNE PATEL came to the stage and initiated the NGK ceremony ball. The NGK Global Launch Conference was successfully ended.

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