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How young is too young to be a Fashion Icon?
The formidably young entry into the glamour style poll is five year old Suri Cruise,who came 21st in a magazine’s annual poll.This little Cruise has the perks of being born to two of the most famous and beautiful celebrities of hollywood,Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.
Emma Watson tops the best dressed list,which is perfectly justified by her stunning dressing stlyle and the rest of the top ten are are debatable but unsurprising.The real surprise comes at no.21,where chirpy young Suri Cruise is coming up fast on an outside track.This little fashionista has been at the centre of controversy after being pictured wearing high heels,must say not so bad work,for someone who’s roughly one-fourth Emma’s age.I mean hello?How does her mom let her even wear that at five? All i wanted to do at five was run and go to disneyland!which well,i still want to go,except the running part maybe because now i have befriended two cool buddies,sleep and laziness.Seriously i really should start running.Well,all that apart its none of our buisness on how Katie brings her daughter up.
Coming back to Suri ,what more do we hear according to The Daily Mail-there will be a launch of a $1.5m fashion line called……obviously SURI.She will be designing clothes with her roughly made up sketches,ofcourse with a lot of help from her mother and designer Jeanne Yang.
However the idea of letting A-list offsprings pass into puberty without showing a ready to wear collection in Paris now seems as outdated as a dial-up modem.Well Lourdes designed her first fashion range at 13,a whole six years older than Suri,all thanks to Madonna for letting her daughter enter into her teens before she takes a headstart into the glamour industry.
On Suri being really into fashion her proud mother says,she’ll really tell me that she does or doesn’t want sleeves with this dress of her.Like today I’am wearing brown suede pants and she said,”I don’t like your pants”.But then she’ll say “You’ve got to wear these shoes” or “Thats so pretty,Mom.Wear that”.She’s got a great eye.Awww well thats sweet Katie but when she is in the boutique trying to design stuff,for heaven’s sake don’t let her play with those plattermaking SCISSORS!
Well wrapping up on the little Miss cute and adorably stylish Cruise,famous for wearing dresses from zara and other top notch brands her style statement is clear-very girly and basic with an add on accessory like a sweet bag or purse and ofcourse,how can we forget her cuddly little teddy bear.
Thus a fashion line is almost a birthright for celebrity kids nowdays and in the case of Suri with the hottest Dad and the uber fashionable model Mom it is undoubtable,as the daddy’s blue eyed princess is born with fashion in her blood.





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