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Experiment with Binaural Beats


‘Binaural Beats’ is a term given to a change in brain activity when it is given some sort of audio stimulus. When a person is presented with a sound with two different tones – the brain produces a response called the binaural beat. Now this means that the brain performs the dual function of hearing and responding to the difference between the tones, not the actual tones themselves.
Binaural beats are synonymous with meditation because they are used by meditators all over the world to achieve meditative state fast. Therefore, by relaxing the brain into a meditative state, binaural beats allow folks like us to come to a state that might take a monk years of practice to achieve and it also helps gain access to benefits such as increased clarity of thought, less stress and anxiety, better sleep, higher productivity and better health and happiness. You can even use it to help you in the process of quit the butt!
The advantage of binaural beats is that you don’t have to sit and meditate for hours. You can listen pretty much anywhere at any time, like a Beatles’ song!
Binaural Beats can be used for anything ranging from Chakra cleansing to hypnotizing- I have tried, trust me on this.
To download or listen to some good stuff, go to http://free-binaural-beats.com
However, before you set out, remember to wear loose clothes, turn off your mobile, put the earphones on, make yourself as comfortable as possible, and lastly, write DND on your forehead, so that no one in their right minds disturbs you.
Happy listening!

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